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My Top 5 Spotify Concept Playlists

Among the many album-based playlists I make, I’ve also created several “concept” playlists which all have a bit of back-story, inclusion dilemma, structuring precisions and multiple viewpoints. So here’s a list of 5 Concept Spotify Playlists that I’m especially pleased with. They’re not my most subscribed (this Drive soundtrack playlist has nearly 4,000 23,000 subscribers!) but these five I consider proper mix albums and showcase both the selected artists and the amazing creative potential of Spotify.

Included are playlist stats and links to the “sleeve notes” that accompany each playlist, as well as embedded Spotify Play Button widgets to check out the tracklistings. Ideally play with your crossfade set to 7 for all playlists except the space one  (Edit > Preferences > Crossfade tracks).

For your listening pleasure:

A Fool For You

Tracks: 32 / Subscribers: 273 / Genres: Pop, Rock, Folk Sleeve Notes

Something for the Weekend

Tracks: 25 / Subscribers: 95 / Genres: Downtempo, Trip Hop /
 Sleeve Notes

His Majesty’s Starship Derbyshire:
A Science-Fiction Story with Spotify Soundtrack

Tracks: 30 / Subscribers: 86 / Genres: Retro-Electronic /
 Sleeve Notes and Full Story Here!

Afront’s Hauntronica

Tracks: 28 / Subscribers: 138 / Genres: Haunted Pop, Witch House Sleeve Notes


The Easter Egg Project (Part One)

Tracks: 16 / Subscribers: 8 / Genres: EggcentricSleeve Notes