Spotify Resources

Here is a comprehensive list of Spotify webapps, plug-ins, blogs, news sites, playlist sites, official resources, and other related links; all contained in an easy-to-search database below. Please let us know if you have any additions or updates.

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16/06/2012CovifyUse your webcam to scan a CD cover then click the image to play in Spotify.Desktop Apps & Scripts
16/06/2012FlutterUse hand gestures to control Spotify music (start/stop) via your webcam.Desktop Apps & Scripts
16/06/2012Spotify DeDuplicatorWebtool to sort through your playlists and remove duplicate tracks.Playlist Converters
06/06/2012HippopotamusicA haphazard selection of new and old electronic music on Spotify, from the makers of the excellent the-blend.netMusic Finder Sites & Blogs
06/06/2012It's Not Opera"All Kinds as Long as It's Not Opera" - Blog that provides better access to folk, classical and world music on Spotify.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
06/06/2012libspotify.NETOpen source managed interop library for libspotify for .NET Framework projects.Developer Resources
06/06/2012Spotify CommunityOfficial support forum.Official Resources
06/06/2012Spotify Plugin for JamcastOpen source plugin project, enables Jamcast Server to stream Spotify to DLNA-compatible devices like game consoles (Playstation, Xbox), HDTV’s, etc.Developer Resources
16/04/2012Clementine Music PlayerMulti-platform music player that includes support for Spotify, including search and playback.Media Player Add-Ons
16/04/2012libspotify.NETWrapper library for libspotify that enables .NET developers to write applications that can browse, search and play music from Spotify.Developer Resources
16/04/2012Spotify DLL for mIRCPlugin for mIRC that returns the currently playing song in Spotify.Desktop Apps & Scripts
22/03/2012firstsp.inSubscribe ($2.99/month) to receive weekly emails with hand-crafted playlists "curated by humans."Other Sites
22/03/2012Psytrance on SpotifyCatalogs psytrance, progressive and chillout releases on Spotify, with a Facebook login feature to remember what you've listened to.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
22/03/2012Spotify on stackoverflowOfficial Spotify developer community site on stackoverflow.Developer Resources
29/02/2012Playlist ProfessionalSpotify playlists created my music professionals. Playlists are categorized by mood, genre, decade, occasion and more. Music Finder Sites & Blogs
29/02/2012Prog Metal ZoneProgressive metal blog, with a weekly "Spotify Friday" playlist.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
29/02/2012Skip TunesAdds a music controller to your Mac OS X menu bar to control Spotify, iTunes and Rdio.Desktop Apps & Scripts
29/02/2012Spotify Celebrity PlaylistsCollects and features playlists created by celebrities, from Tiesto to Mariah Carey.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
29/02/2012Spotify CommunityOfficial Spotify community support site.Official Resources
29/02/2012Spotify TumblrOfficial Spotify tumblog.Official Resources
29/02/2012SpotiOrgAdd and organize albums on Spotify, using a graphical view of your collection. Sort by album or artist name, most recently added, last played, or most played.Playlist Managers
29/02/2012TapeFearCurated selection of new albums from some of the very best ambient, electronic, folk and experimental artists.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
27/02/2012metatunePHP wrapper for the Spotify Metadata API. Features include search for Track/Artist/Album (inc. advanced searching), caching and XML import/export.Developer Resources
23/01/2012Full Screen Music for SpotifyMac app that gives you a a full screen mode for Spotify. It displays large album art along with artist and track name for the current song. There’s also controls and keybindings to play/pause, switch track and change volume.Desktop Apps & Scripts
23/01/2012pyspotifyPython wrapper for libspotify.Developer Resources
23/01/2012SpotCommanderRemote control for Spotify on Linux. Running from a standard web browser (on the desktop, Android or iPhone), SpotCommander lets you control Spotify playback, select playlists, search for tracks and edit playlists.Desktop Apps & Scripts
23/01/2012Spotify Kitchen SinkDemo application for the Spotify Apps API. Deesigned to help developers get started, this app demonstrates some of the available functionality.Developer Resources
23/01/2012Spotify Scope For Unity Music LensFor Ubuntu Unity users, Spotify Scope For Unity Music Lens lets you search for songs and albums from the Unity Music lens and play them in Spotify’s native Linux client.Desktop Apps & Scripts
23/01/ for GreasemonkeyGreasemonkey script that adds Spotify search links on pages.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
23/01/2012SpotOn RadioLets you to create personalized radio stations from iPhones and iPods. Simply pick one of your favorite artists then tap to create unique radio stations similar to their style.Mobile Apps for iPhone
23/01/2012SpotTVPlugin for NextPVR, the free PVR and Media Center application for Windows. Spot TV lets you listen to music from Spotify within NextPVR, including options to browse and play your playlists and starred tracks.Media Player Add-Ons
23/01/2012Utubify MobileFrom the makers of Utubify, this app lets you enter your Spotify username to start watching full-screen music videos on YouTube of all the songs in your published playlists.Mobile Apps for Android
19/12/2011Dan Darling MusicDan's tumbelog of Spotify playlists.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
19/12/2011DoofaRemote control Spotify (among others) from a Windows Phone 7 device.Desktop Apps & Scripts
19/12/2011IndiefyTop tracks from indie labels only.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
19/12/2011SampleSpottingDrag a song from Spotify onto the "turntable" to list all the original samples used in the track.Other Sites
19/12/2011SmashTunesAdds a Spotify menu bar to Apple Macs, with playback controls, playlists and album art.Desktop Apps & Scripts
19/12/2011SoundTrackingIdentify and share songs, with option to playback in Spotify.Mobile Apps for Android
19/12/2011Spotify Music SolutionsPublishes daily electronic music playlists with an emphasis on dance, house and club music. They promise "no pop or other kind of stuff here."Music Finder Sites & Blogs
19/12/2011SpotimonAdd a list of your favorite artists to receive Android notifications whenever they release new content on Spotify. You can then click to listen in Spotify directly.Mobile Apps for Android
19/12/2011TuneTugSimilar to or Soundrop, TuneTug lets you create a Spotify playlist of songs then invite friends to listen live and vote songs up or down.Mobile Apps for iPhone
22/11/2011Project Weekend Spotify-themed blog with daily song picks, album reviews and Spotify tips.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
22/11/2011SpartifyHost a party and let guests choose what songs to play on Spotify.Other Sites
22/11/2011SpotifieradNy musik på Spotify (in Swedish).Music Finder Sites & Blogs
22/11/2011SpotiLastGenerates personalised Spotify playlists using (in French and English).Playlist Generators
22/11/2011Spoty.nlPlaylist sharing site with daily updates, genre filters and related blog (in Dutch).Playlist Sharing Sites
18/10/2011EchofiEchofi creates a radio station for you based on promoting the things you love. Simply enter an artist name and Echofi will automatically play you songs via Spotify, with "love" and "hate" buttons just like Pandora!Other Sites
18/10/2011PlaylistHQGenerates Spotify and YouTube playlists for upcoming concerts, based on your Songkick ID or by entering the name of a town or city.Other Sites
18/10/2011Spotiseek for iPhoneiOS version of the popular music discovery site Spotiseek. Simply enter the name of a band to generate a list of similar arists, with links to listen on Spotify.Mobile Apps for iPhone
18/10/2011TheBlendTheBlend aggregates reviews from across the web and adds links to Spotify. There are also genre tags to customize the list and view only albums tagged with that genre.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
18/10/2011TwitSpotListen to a real-time Spotify playlist, continuously updating with songs tweeted on Twitter. Tweet your own listens to add them to the the playlist for other listeners.Other Sites
25/09/2011KrrntFrom the makers of Tubufy, Krrnt provides a live feed of playlists shared on Twitter, with options to vote on favorites, listen on Spotify, and view a music video playlist.Other Sites
25/09/2011MetafyiOS app that searches media ranking website Metacritic, cross-references with Spotify and builds a list of albums. You can then list new releases by score or date.Mobile Apps for iPhone
25/09/2011SpotalikeEnter a track or artist to get a Spotify playlist with similar songs. There's a handy auto-complete as you type, and lists can be saved if you connect with Facebook.Playlist Generators
25/09/2011Spotify PlayCurated list of Spotify playlists, with a music news section and feed copied from Spotify's own blog.Mobile Apps for Android
25/09/2011SpotisearchWebapp to search the Spotify catalog, with auto-complete and well-designed layout that splits the results into artists, albums and tracks.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
25/09/2011Use SpotifyConverts Deezer playlists into Spotify ones.Playlist Converters
25/09/2011What Hit The SpotLets you register your favorite artists (using a simple copy-paste from a Spotify playlist) then browse what's new for artists you specified.New Release & Notification Services
27/08/2011DigsterUniversal Music Group's site publishes playlists compiled by a team of professional editors. Playlists are sorted into mood and genre categories. See also the UK version here.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
27/08/2011IndiefyMeRandom song generator, with a bias towards indie music.Other Sites
27/08/2011SpotifindHandy utility that scans your local MP3s then generates an HTML page with links to Spotify versions (Windows 7).Desktop Apps & Scripts
27/08/2011Tomahawk ResolverSpotify resolver for open-source media player Tomahawk.Media Player Add-Ons
16/08/2011SpotSearchType a few words from a song’s lyrics into this app to view links to the song on Spotify and YouTube. Tap a Spotify link to start listening.Mobile Apps for iPhone
16/08/2011SpotSearchType a few words from a song’s lyrics into this app to view links to the song on Spotify and YouTube. Tap a Spotify link to start listening.Mobile Apps for Android
05/08/2011AlarmifyAlarm clock app for iPhone and iPod Touch that can wake you with a song from Spotify.Mobile Apps for iPhone
05/08/2011Eye On SpotifyNotification service that emails you whenever there's a new release on Spotify that matches one of your queries.New Release & Notification Services
05/08/2011freshspotifyNotifies you when new music from your favourite bands is added to spotify's library. Uses google accounts to login and to kick-start the list of recommendations.New Release & Notification Services
05/08/2011Pandora to Spotify Playlist ConverterGoogle Chrome extension to convert Pandora links into Spotify ones.Playlist Converters, Browser Plugins & Search Tools
05/08/2011SearchifySearch Spotify's catalog via a webpage, with clickable links to hear the results.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
05/08/2011Spotify Playlist GeneratorWindows app that uses to generate custom playlists based on an artist you specify.Playlist Generators
05/08/2011Spotify S15Plugin for Logitech G15 keyboard to show what's playing on Spotify.Media Player Add-Ons
05/08/2011SpotiwishVote for music missing from Spotify. Check out their "wish library" to see the most wished-for albums.Other Sites
05/08/2011The Spotify TimelineA timeline of key events in Spotify's history, starting in March 2007.Official Resources
05/08/2011Unified RemoteOne of the best remotes for Spotify, Unified Remote lets you control Spotify on your PC from the Android smartphone. It also controls the mouse, keyboard, and a host of other apps.Mobile Apps for Android
14/07/2011ListeningNowBrowser-based lyric plugin for Spotify. Click the browser bookmarklet to display a popup window with the lyrics to the song you are currently listening to.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
14/07/2011SimplifySpotify remote control for Apple Macs. Includes album covers and custom hotkeys (paid-for app).Desktop Apps & Scripts
14/07/2011SoundmatchCreates Spotify playlists based on your Recommendations and Top Artists, with automatic daily updates.Playlist Generators
14/07/2011UtubifyLets you watch music videos on YouTube based on your Spotify playlists. Includes a neat "alternate version" option to view Live, Acoustic or Karaoke versions of your tracks.Playlist Converters
24/06/2011biblifyMashes up latest album reviews with Spotify to create playlists. Sliders let you control what's displayed, based on number of reviews and "likes" each album has received.Playlist Generators
24/06/2011LastifyUses to create (daily-updated) personalised playlists of recommended artists in Spotify.Playlist Generators
24/06/2011SpotLibiPhone app that automatically imports your music from into Spotify. Also available for Google Chrome.Mobile Apps for iPhone
24/06/2011SpotMyVideoRun a few Spotify songs through SpotMyVideo and YouTube will play them as videos.Playlist Converters
24/06/2011tubufyPaste a Spotify link to generate a custom music video playlist on YouTube.Playlist Converters
29/05/2011EqualifyIntegrated graphic equalizer for Spotify (Windows only). Includes presets and auto-update.Desktop Apps & Scripts
29/05/2011MacifySpotify Android remote control for Apple computers.Mobile Apps for Android
29/05/2011PlaylistR Last.fmBuilds Spotify playlists from users lists (e.g. a friend's top charts), artists lists and track lists.Mobile Apps for Android
29/05/2011ShareMyPlaylists Mobile for AndroidAndroid app for the top Spotify playlist sharing site. View featured playlists or browse the gargantuan archive. Links open in Spotify Mobile. Full review here.Mobile Apps for Android
29/05/2011ShareMyPlaylists Mobile for iOSiPhone and iPad app for the top Spotify playlist sharing site. View featured playlists or browse the gargantuan archive. Links open in Spotify Mobile.Mobile Apps for iPhone
29/05/2011truShuffleBrilliant as-you-listen Spotify playlist maker, with lots of artist stats including including biographies, genres, moods, and links to similar music. Full review here.Playlist Generators
29/05/2011TunigoSlick Swedish site with new releases, charts and recommendations.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
15/05/2011BritifyMashes up TV and radio listings from the BBC with Spotify to create playlists of shows.Playlist Generators
15/05/2011Find The BandArtist recommendation service: type in a band name for a list of similar artists, with links to albums and tracks on Spotify.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
15/05/2011Electrefy.meSpecializing in electronic music (house, electro, dubstep, tech house), features a weekly Spotify playlist along with a pick of the best dance music on Soundcloud and YouTube. Full review here.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
15/05/2011OverhereEnter the username of a fiend who's currently listening to music, then listen along to them in real-time via Spotify.Other Sites
15/05/2011SOUNDOFUSSpotify playlists, songs-of -the-day and selections from new albums.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
15/05/2011Opentracks LinksEnter a Spotify link to translate it into a Deezer link and vice versa. Also shows links for the track in Amazon MP3 and iTunes, complete with QR codes for all the links.URL Tools
31/03/2011FY SpotifyFrom Fuck Yeah Spotify, this site lists the most tweeted about albums on Spotify, providing large album covers to click on and listen.Other Sites
31/03/2011TrancifySpecializing in trance music (and "made of tiger blood"), Trancify lists new releases in Spotify based on trance genres such as goa, progressive, psychedelic and anthem. New Release & Notification Services
15/03/2011Spotify.fmScans to see what your friends are currently listening to, then plays the same song in Spotify. Automatically updates at the end of each song to play the next one. Very cool!Other Sites
15/03/2011Spotify2SkypeWindows plugin that displays your currently playing Spotify song on Skype.Desktop Apps & Scripts
15/03/2011SpotniccAutomatically updates a playlist based on a search query you specify. Supposed to continuously update the playlist, but I can't get it to work.Playlist Generators
15/03/2011Random SongHit the "Randomize" button to display and play a random song in Spotify.Other Sites
13/02/2011Heavy Metal EncyclopediaAndroid app that lets you earch for heavy metal bands, browse genres, discover albums and listen to them on Spotify.Mobile Apps for Android
13/02/2011Mixed Tapes by StrangeloveDutch creative advertising agency Strangelove asks music professionals to make a mix tape, publising them here as Spotify playlists.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
13/02/2011Viral Music ListShows the songs on Spotify that have been the most viral in the last 24 hours.Other Sites
01/01/2011My Music And MeSpotlights artists on Spotify, with links to recommended songs and albums.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2011SpobblerFor Spotify Premium users, Spobbler (previously known as SpotiApps) lets you script various part of Spotify. Spobbler uses a script server, enabling you to define own schemes for playlist tasks.Developer Resources
01/01/2011Spotify PopupDisplays currently-playing artist and song name in a little popup window on your Windows desktop. Go to Vladimir's "My Apps" page for the download.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/01/2011SpotrecordGet Spotify album recommendations using your account.Playlist Generators
17/11/2010Classical Music Chart and AwardsBlog specialising in classical music charts and awards, with links to listen on Spotify. Areas include the Gramophone Specialist Classical Chart, Gramophone Awards, BBC Music Magazine Awards and Grammy Awards.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
17/11/2010Clinc Great-looking site specialising in classical and orchestral music. Clinc acts as your guide to classical music on Spotify, with dedicated sections on composers, conductors, performers and ensembles.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2011Spotify AddictThe self-proclaimed "best spotify playlist on the Internet."Playlist Sharing Sites
17/11/2010New on SpotifyAuto-generated list of new albums and singles released on Spotify in the past week. You can search by genre or artist to filter the list and sort by artist name or popularity.New Release & Notification Services
17/11/2010Spotifylistan Vote X-factor style for your favourite song added to a playlist. Every week, the winning song remains with five new challengers added for the next round of votes (in Swedish).Other Sites
01/11/2010MSearchSpotify search app for iPhone. Set your country then type an artist or album to search for. Click a search result to open in Spotify Mobile.Mobile Apps for iPhone
01/11/2010My Spotify AlbumsEasy-to-use site that lets you add and manage a personal collection of albums on Spotify. Includes cover art and drag-and-drop.Playlist Managers
01/11/2010Sonando En SpotifySubmit and vote on your favourite albums on Spotify. In Spanish.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/10/2010Spotify InstantFrom the makers of Spotibot, this instant-search webapp displays Spotify search results as you type them.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/10/2010Spotifyblog.nlThis Dutch blog reports on the latest Spotify news.News Sites
01/10/2010Ubuntu Spotify Screensaver Toggle If you run Spotify on Ubuntu, this handy little script pauses Spotify when the screen is locked and restarts it when unlocked.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/09/2010Shared PlaylistsPlaylist-sharing site with lots of unique features, including custom genres and periods as well as discovery tools via your username. Well worth signing-up for!Playlist Sharing Sites
01/09/2010Spotify PoetryTumbelog of poems written using song titles in Spotify. You can also submit your own poems for inclusion.Other Sites
01/09/2010Spotify SpeakWindows app that lets you control Spotify with your voice. It will also speak back with the name of found artists and song titles. Note this app costs €13.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/08/2010INDIEplaylistBlog that specializes in independent bands and alternative music.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/08/2010More tracks like thisEnter a track or Spotify link then cllick the Search button. The app then trawls user listening habits to return a custom “B-side” playlist of similar songs.Playlist Generators
01/08/2010SpofmCustom list of new releases on Spotify. Enter your username then select your country and how many results you want. Click submit for a clickable list of new releases based on your listening habits. RecommendedNew Release & Notification Services
01/01/2009TotalspotifySpotify playlist community, this site is still in beta but already has a fair amount of playlists and subscribers. Totalspotify has some extra features such as groups, tag clouds, enhanced sorting options, user stats and album reviews.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/08/2010Spotify MenubarLets you assign global hotkeys to Spotify’s controls so that you can control the music while using another app (Mac OS X only)Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/08/2010SpotisfactionMusic blog focussed on news, reviews, features and mixtapes (i.e. Spotify playlists)Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/08/2010TubespotterAdds a button to Google Chrome that lets you search Spotify for the currently viewed YouTube videoBrowser Plugins & Search Tools
01/07/2010Den Magiska SamlingenThe Magic Collection is a blog where contributors can post their playlists (in Swedish).Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/07/2010HotSpotifyThe first Dutch Spotify community site, HotSpotify features Spotify news, views, playlists, and selected album links.News Sites
01/07/2010LinkifyGoogle Chrome extension that scans a webpage for any Spotify links. Any found then have a small orange icon in front which you can hover your mouse over to view pop-up details about the track, artist, or playlist (depending on the type of link). It also shows you album art or an artist image in the pop-up.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/07/2010Listen SpotifyPlaylist sharing site with Spotify Instant Search feature.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/07/2010RemotifyBasic Android smartphone remote control for Spotify desktop.Mobile Apps for Android
01/07/2010Spot6Spot6 is a Google Chrome extension for fans of BBC 6 Music. Hover over the Spot6 button to see the name and artist of the song currently playing on the radio station. You can then click the button to search for the song in Spotify.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/07/2010Spoti.tkGoogle Chrome extension to shorten a Spotify URL using the service.URL Tools
01/07/2010SpotifinderiPhone remote control app for Spotify on the Mac.Mobile Apps for iPhone
01/07/2010SpotimyLists new releases on Spotify (including search by artist or release date) and includes a Music Manager for registered users. Album pages include links to reviews and options to rate and add to your library. RecommendedNew Release & Notification Services
01/07/2010WebotifyGoogle Chrome extension that adds a button for the Webotify service. Click the button then paste in a Spotify track link. Chrome will then go to the Webotify page and play a YouTube video of the chosen track.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009Best of the Worst of SpotifyFunny posts about some of the most horrendous albums ever produced.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009C#/.NET wrapperJonas Larsson’s libspotify wrapper (see announcement).Developer Resources
01/01/2009Canciones Y MusicaBlog with a personal selection of favourites on Spotify (in Spanish).Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009CleanifyGenerates clean, readable links from Spotify URLs. The cleaned links include human-readable details in the URL (artist, album, track etc.) Cleanify also has a Clipboard Filter (background app that translates copied Spotify URLs into Cleanify links) and a Cleanify API.URL Tools
01/01/2009ComedifySite dedicated to comedy and stand-up albums on Spotify. Includes a handy comedian A - Z with links to their albums.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/ and Spotify mashup that lists bands and artists similar to what you specify.Playlist Generators
01/01/2009ElectroplastasSpanish blog with some great looking movie, TV, and videogame-based playlists.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009FoxyTunesFireFox browser plugin music player that can now control SpotifyBrowser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009GigeroUsing Google Maps, and Spotify, Gigero shows where an artist is playing or who is playing in any location. Each gig is shown on Google Maps, with links to listen to the bands on Spotify.Other Sites
01/01/2009Hot Spot MusicPersonal playlist site (via Twitter) featuring a variety of musical styles.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009IvyConverts playlists into Spotify playlists. Supports iTunes, text, and CSV formatted files.Playlist Converters
01/01/2009LastifyPlug-in that bolts onto the regular Spotify client and lets you Love, Ban, and Tag tracks back to Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009Listas SpotifyThe original Spanish playlist site (in Spanish).Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009listDJApp that gives you the lyrics of the current playing track on Spotify.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009GreenStripesGreenStripes provides Ruby bindings for libspotify.Developer Resources
01/01/2009ListopifyEasy-to-use playlist site, similar to Spotylist but with a few more features.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009LNKbyURL shortening service that recognizes Spotify URLs and shortens them to links.URL Tools
01/01/2009Megamind Spotify PlaylistsThe Nordic clubbing and DJ culture site’s selection of Spotify playlists.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009meta-spotifyRuby wrapper for the Spotify Metadata API.Developer Resources
01/01/2009Mi SpotifySpanish blog with Spotify recommendations, band lists, news and tips (en español).Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009Music ControlsiPhone app (on Cydia) that lets you run and control the Spotify iPhone app in the background.Mobile Apps for iPhone
01/01/2009MyPlaylistIsBetterThanYoursPlaylist-sharing site with a dedicated Adobe AIR application for uploading and managing your playlists.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009Net-SpotifyFor developers, this is a Perl interface to the Spotify Metadata API.Developer Resources
01/01/2009Northern ExposureBlog about Norwegian indie music on Spotify.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009PitchifySpotify links based on the best album reviews. Pitchify mixes review scores from US webzine Pitchfork with MySpace and Spotify.Other Sites
01/01/2009PlayifyUpload and convert an iTune library into Spotify.Playlist Converters
01/01/2009PlaylistifyConverts playlists into Spotify playlists. Supports iTunes, text, and Winamp/media-playlist (.m3u) formatted files as well as converting playlists from and YouTube. Winner of a Community Site Award for this category.Playlist Converters
01/01/2009RadiofyPlaylist of tracks played on Swedish Radio, linked to Spotify.Other Sites
01/01/2009Remoteless iPhone remote for Spotify running on windows (and soon mac).Mobile Apps for iPhone
01/01/2009ReSpotSpotify remote control for Android devices. Requires Spotify Premium.Mobile Apps for Android
01/01/2009ShareMyPlaylistsThe biggest and most popular playlist site with thousands of playlists and a thriving community.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009Social SpotifyA novel way to share your playlists with friends, this site lets you add album art and genre details then provides a Facebook post or widget code.URL Tools
01/01/2009Songbird Addons for SpotifySpotify-related add-ons for freeware music player Songbird.Media Player Add-Ons
01/01/2009SonglerUnofficial add-in for Windows Media Center. Use it to play Spotify music directly from your Media Center, all controlled with your remote.Media Player Add-Ons
01/01/2009SpecifyspotPlaylist site with a social-networking angle. User-definable tags, text search, lots of bookmarks. Note that it’s designed for Swedish users: there is an English language switcher, but unfortunately it only seems to translate the tags.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009SpNotifyNotification service that updates you on your favourite artists and songs on Spotify. Enter an artist, track or album of interest to receive an email when there's a new update.New Release & Notification Services
01/01/2009spo.tlFrom the creator of Spotifitunes, is a Spotify URL shortener that’s like a megamix of LNKby and Spotibot Better Links. Enter a Spotify address (or use the provided bookmarklet) to get a shortened URL and clean page that includes album art, track details and sharing links.URL Tools
01/01/2009SpotibotSend a tweet with an artist’s name to Spotibot and it replies with a recommendation.Playlist Generators
01/01/2009Spotibot Better LinksSpotibot’s ‘better link’ service provides Facebook integration and album art on Spotify link pages.URL Tools
01/01/2009Spotibot Playlist GeneratorEnter any artist, band, or username then generates a playlist of tracks by similar or suggested artists. You can favour more popular songs, set the number of tracks, and auto-build playlists based on recommendations and loved tracks. Once created, drag-and-drop your playlist into Spotify.Playlist Generators
01/01/2009Spotibot Search PluginA plugin for Firefox and IE that adds a Spotibot playlist generator search engine to your browser.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009SpotiDJMusic sharing site site with an emphasis on individual songs rather than whole playlists. DJs add songs with a brief description of why they like that song for others to tune in to.Other Sites
01/01/2009SpotifierProject to integrate Spotify into MediaPortal, the open-source mediacenter.Media Player Add-Ons
01/01/2009Spotifies!Playlist sharing site. Includes specific areas for music festivals, Billboard charts, and collaborative playlists.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009SpotifuelSlick playlist sharing site with lots of features such as favourites (users and playlists), embeddable videos and images in playlist descriptions, custom genres, Twitter integration, and lots of community features too.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009Spotify AcceleratorIE and Firefox tool to search Spotify for selected text.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009Spotify Classical PlaylistsBlog dedicated to classical music on Spotify. Blogger Ulysses eloquently says his site will help you “discover and share the masterpieces that forever enlarged the sphere of human experience accessible to the creative imagination, through the best instant streaming music service in the world, Spotify.“Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009SpotiChartMonitors Twitter for tweets with Spotify links, then compiles global charts and statistics.Other Sites
01/01/2009Spotify for SafariPlugin for Apple’s Safari browser that adds “Open in Spotify” options for selected text.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009Spotify HuntedA Spotify-powered version of We Are Hunted, a site that lists the latest top 100 most popular songs in the world (based on “what people are saying about artists“).Playlist Generators
01/01/2009Spotify Mac RemoteA plugin for Spotify that allows you to use your Mac remote control to Play, Pause and change tracks. Requires SIMBL.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009Spotify on DrupalProvides integration with the Spotify Metadata API and a CCK field to display artist, album and track information with a link that opens the Spotify client.Developer Resources
01/01/2009Spotify Search for FirefoxSearch plug-in for Firefox. Adds search-selected options to right-click menu.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009Spotify Super SearchAdvanced search tool for Spotify, this lets you search by the complete set of genres, not just a small set as used by most playlist sites.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009Spotify TweaksSpotify for Windows add-on that gives you custom tooltips, cover display, a cover manager, advanced search, an RSS reader and a lyric search feature.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009Spotify Twitter ListReal-time list of Spotify news and views as tweeted by the most influential Spotify users on Twitter.News Sites
01/01/2009Spotify Web RemotePromising-looking remote app that lets you control Spotify via a web browser.Browser Plugins & Search Tools
01/01/2009Spotify-Forum.comAn unofficial forum for Spotify discussions with hundreds of registered users.Other Sites
01/01/2009Spotify MePersonal blog with themed playlists such as 20 Must-Have Albums of the Year.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009Spotify+rateyourmusicGreasemonkey script to add Spotify links to pages on Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009SpotifycontrolWindows remote control for Spotify that features customizable global hot-keys, a notifier of track changes, song lyrics, and an auto-updater. Requires .NET Framework 3.5.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009spotifyforlifeFor fans of Christian and religious music.Other Sites
01/01/2009SpotifyfriendsClaims to be “the largest community for sharing Spotify playlists.“ Has links to share playlists on Facebook, Delicious etc.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009SpotifylistRSS feeds, playlists by genre and tag, add comments to existing playlists, upload album art.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009SpotifylistorSwedish blog that posts playlists, with the occasion Spotify news and feature post.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009spotifyomatica Spotify API wrapper for to control the Spotify client from your own apps.Developer Resources
01/01/2009SpotifyworldBasic playlist site, possibly the easiest to use yet.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009SpotiKatReads updates from independent music site Boomkat then provides links to listen first in Spotify. Select a genre (for example, Disco, Indie, Minimal or Electro) then select the feed (such as Just Arrived or Recommended). The app responds with links to releases on Boomkat and Spotify (if available).Other Sites
01/01/2009SpotimetaPython library for querying the Spotify metadata service. Data is returned as simple Python dictionaries.Developer Resources
01/01/2009SpotinewsMusic-finder site. Updated frequently, joebuck’s site is the best blog out there to keep track of new releases on Spotify. RecommendedNew Release & Notification Services
01/01/2009SpotiramaBlog with Spotify playlist versions of themed playlists such as Pitchfork lists, soundtracks, and Book Notes (where authors create playlists relating to their recently published book). Blogger cabal helpfully includes the original list of songs to show how many are available on Spotify.Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009SpotiseekSpotiseek helps you find new music by generating playlists based on artists you specify. You can set how many tracks you want and prioritize popular tracks, and there's also Pitchify-style album review links.Playlist Generators
01/01/2009SpotisquareMobile web app that connects Foursquare venues with Spotify playlists. When you find a venue that has a Spotify playlist, you can listen to it in Spotify or add your own songs. There’s also a connector to let you add a playlist to a venue.Other Sites
01/01/2009SpotiveldieIveldie’s blog recommends albums on Spotify, ranging from the 1960s to the present day (in Spanish).Music Finder Sites & Blogs
01/01/2009SpotkickIf you’re on Songkick (the concert and tour tracking site), this mashup will generate Spotify links to your upcoming gigs.Other Sites
01/01/2009SpotMySongsConverts playlists into Spotify playlists. Supports iTunes, text, and Winamp/media-playlist (.m3u) formatted files.Playlist Converters
01/01/2009SpotwitfyLists playlists posted on Twitter.Playlist Generators
01/01/2009SpotylistBill Spoty’s clean and simple playlist site - easy upload, simple click-to-vote thumbs up, bookmark your own set of playlists.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009spotyxbmcProject to integrate Spotify into XBMC Media Center (Xbox Media Center), the cross-platform media player.Media Player Add-Ons
01/01/2009ToastifyApp that’ll display a toast-style pop-up whenever the track changes in Spotify.Desktop Apps & Scripts
01/01/2009TopsifyWeekly updates with links to playlists of the UK Top 40 Charts, Swedish dance charts etc. Add the playlist once, then Topsify will update it every week.Playlist Generators
01/01/2009TotalspotifySpotify playlist community, this site is still in beta but already has a fair amount of playlists and subscribers. Totalspotify has some extra features such as groups, tag clouds, enhanced sorting options, user stats and album reviews.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009TwittifyAuto-plays tweeted songs. Unfortunately it updates so frequently that you often only get to hear the first minute or so of a song.Other Sites
01/01/2009UnifyConverts playlists and albums from iTunes into Spotify. Unify lets you drag and drop tracks into Spotify, so there’s no need to manually export iTunes playlists.Playlist Converters
01/01/2009Want My Playlist?Playlist sharing site with a nice bright and slick look.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009xpandifyPlaylist site with an emphasis on playlist tags and filtering. RSS feed of recent playlists.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009yoctomusicBlog that provides a weekly guide to the best new releases on Spotify.New Release & Notification Services
01/01/2009YourSpotifyGreat looking site with all the features you’d expect, now with an author archive so that you can bookmark your own playlist page.Playlist Sharing Sites
01/01/2009Z Link LibraryFeature-rich windows app to manage albums and playlists on Spotify. Group lists, add keywords, cover art, and export your library for easy sharing.Playlist Managers
01/01/2001Spotify Developer SiteOfficial Spotify developer site.Official Resources
01/01/2001Spotify Service StatusOfficial service status page.Official Resources
01/01/ BlogThe official Spotify blog.Official Resources
01/01/2001The Pansentient LeagueAfront’s site mixes news, reviews, and hints & tips with editorials and commentary on all things Spotify.News Sites


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