Spotify Apps

Here’s a list of all Spotify Apps available on the Spotify Platform, with links to reviews where available.

Billboard Top Charts
Top 10 charts for Hot 100, Billboard 200, R&B/Hip-Hop, Country, Rock.
Mainstream music news with related playlists. Updated twice daily.
Music News
Personalized recommendations based on your listening habits. Also generates custom playlists based on a song and provides detail (biography, tags etc.) on the currently playing song.
Personalized Recommendations
Mood-based playlist generation with drag-and-drop to create an editable selection. You can change the parameters to tune the curve and update the playlist on-the-fly.
Personalized Recommendations
Curated content from Pitchfork, with buttons to play any album or add to playlists. Options at the top jump to Best New Albums (default), All Reviews, and Playlists.
Curated Reviews
Rolling Stone Recommends
Curated selection of new albums, songs, and playlists. You can expand the reviews in-app and click buttons to play, share, or add to a playlist.
Curated Reviews
View and hear featured, favorite, and recommended playlists. Submit your own playlists for others to listen to.
Social Sharing
Songkick Concerts
Displays a view of concerts based on where you live and artists in your library.
Location-Based Service
Invite friends to listen along to a playlist or join one of the live "spots" in the disco. Guests can add songs to Upcoming Tracks, and other guests can click to vote up songs to the top. Video review
Social Sharing
The Guardian
A dozen of the latest album reviews from the guardian. You can expand the reviews in-app and click buttons to play, share, or add to a playlist. Video review
Curated Reviews
Displays the lyrics of the currently playing song, highlighting each line karaoke-style.
Create and browse playlists of Top 10 songs by an artist, themed songs etc. You can then invite friends to vote on your choices or create their own Top 10.
Social Sharing
We Are Hunted
New music charts (Emerging, Mainstream, and charts for seven different genres). Also incudes a playlist generator based on an artist you specify.
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