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Here’s a selection of my own Spotify playlists, covering a whole range of styles (although you will find quite a lot of synthpop!) and updated every few weeks. Use the navigation arrows or filters to browse through the selection, then click the cover art to listen in Spotify. Enjoy!


Elektronische Musik aus Deutschland - To celebrate Spotify’s arrival in Germany, this playlist of German electronic music is loosley chronological, with an overriding cluster of sub-genres taking in the birth of German electronic music, old-school and modern synthpop, futurepop, EBM, and electro-industrial. The playlist ends with a section dedicated to minimal synthpop, ambient and Kosmische Musik.
krautrock, prog electro, ambient,
synthpop, electro-industrial

L.A. Noire Radio Songs - All the songs from the L.A. Noire radio, as heard in the videogame. The official soundtrack album is also on Spotify.
music hall, jazz, swing, soundtrack

Martin Rushent's Unlimited Orchestra - A tribute to Martin Rushent (1948 - 2011), a man whose production skills I always admired above all others. He was behind some of the finest music to come out of Britain in the early 80s: The Stranglers, Buzzcocks, Pete Shelley, Altered Images, and The Human League. So it goes.
punk, synthpop

Afront's Hauntronica - Summoned from the depths of The Spotify Catalog using special powers, mixed into a sonical Potion of Awesome with my bare hands then cast as the finest Electro Witch House, Haunted Pop, Dark Dubstep and Goth-Electronica - Here's my bewitching (and slightly creepy) playlist of Hauntronica!
synthpop, witch house, dubstep, goth

TEC001 - The DJ Sets - The Electricity Club's team of DJs present the best in classic and new electronic pop music, as played at live event TEC001 in London, October 2011 at The Bowery. All four DJ sets are presented here as one Spotify playlist, with artists including Human League, John Foxx, Plastic Bertrand, Hurts, Ladytron, Daft Punk, Marsheaux and more!
synthpop, electropop, new wave

Electro-Industrial 2011 - If you like your electronic music a bit darker, a bit more industrialized and twisted from the mainstream then this is the playlist for you. Mixing old-school industrial with EBM, synthpop, dark electro & trance, electro-industrial music continued its dark dominion over cybergoths throughout the year.
industrial, EBM, electro-industrial, darkwave

Afront's Hi-NRG - Related to italo-disco, eurobeat and synthpop, Hi-NRG is seriously funky disco music with staccato synth sounds and octave basslines. This playlist collects songs with that original Moroder and Stock Aitken Waterman high-energy vibe, with tracks in roughly chronological order from the late 70s thru to the current day.
hi-nrg, disco

Electropop 2011 - featuring 100 of the best new synthpop singles from 2011, ordered chronologically from OMD to Patrick Wolf.
synthpop, electropop

Vibrasphere - Selected Downbeats is a reconstruction of the two unofficial compilations from Sweden's finest progressive psy band. Sadly, the band split at the end of 2010 but they leave us with this fine selection of chilled tunes to drift away with.
chillout, psybient, downtempo, ambient, downbeat

Afront's On Aciid! - Collecting my favourite house, acid house and techno tunes from the late 1980s, including S'Express, A Guy Called Gerald, Inner City, Farley Jackmaster Funk and Snap. Enjoy this trip!
acid house, house, techno, 1980s

Afront's New Krautrock - features the new generation of Krautrock-influenced bands, modern songs with that motorik beat and experimental rock-ambient sound.
krautrock, progressive rock

Parralox - I Am Remix - One of my favourite bands at the moment, Parralox blend chart-friendly dance music with synthpop to produce a sound all of their own. Here's a playlist of my favourite Parralox remixes.
synthpop, dance, club, house

2010: The Year We Made Synthpop! - Featuring over four hours of the best synthpop and electropop singles from 2010, this carefully crafted playlist includes over 60 artists to give you a taste of what's been happening in this ever-evolving electronic music scene.
synthpop, electropop

Synthpop Supreme - a Spotify playlist featuring the very best of synthpop from the first half of 2010 AD. See sharemyplaylists for details.
synthpop, electropop, synth pop, new wave
Afront the Punk! - My tribute to the best of the original punk rockers. I may have gotten into punk music a few years late, but punk will never die - Oi Oi!punk
New Order - Best Remixes Plus - An alternative version of the Best Remixes album, representing the new New Order. Includes the best remixes from singles released since the album came out. electronic, dance
Macro Dub Reinfection - A reinterpretation of Virgin Record's tripped out space-dub series from the 90s. This is sci-fi dub as predicted in William Gibson's Neuromancer.dub, space dub, drum and bass, ambient
The Charlatans - Singles 1990-2006 - The Charlatans have released an incredible 10 albums in their career so far. This playlist is a collection of all their singles, modeled on the Forever: The Singles album which isn't on Spotify yet.indie, alternative rock, madchester
Duran Duran - Night Versions - brings together all Duran Duran's early extended 12 inch dance mixes, thanks to the newly released remasters of the first three wave
Science Fiction TV Soundtracks on Spotify - For all fellow SF geeks, here's a playlist of Original Television Soundtracks from shows like Doctor Who, Star Trek, Space:1999 and many more. Full details here.soundtrack, classical
Stand-Up Comedy on Spotify - a playlist with an emphasis comics that feature in the “best of the year” roundups. Click an album name for the comic's full set, and see here for details.comedy, stand-up
Björk - Repost - The best mixes and B-Sides from Björk's Post and Homogenic albums.electronic, trip-hop
BioShock Soundtrack (Licensed Tracks) - In the videogame BioShock you encounter phonographs that play music from the 1940s and 1950s as background music. This is the hall, jazz, swing, easy listening, soundtrack
ElectroKylie - In the early 2000s, Kylie Minogue released some fantastic electro-flavoured remixes. This playlist brings the best of them together in ready-to-mix order.pop, disco, electro
M.PATHY (The Pod Mix) - Reconstruction of mixtapes from 1991. See this post for, dance, 1990s, dub, madchester
Electro-Industrial 2 - More electro-industrial, featuring tracks added in the latter-half of 2009.industrial, electro-industrial
The Singing Detective - Reconstructed original soundtrack to Dennis Potter's critically acclaimed BBC television serial. These 1940s classics are presented in chronological hall, jazz, big band, easy listening
Something for the Weekend - A chilled playlist for when you're alone with that special person in your life. More detail here.downtempo, trip-hop, jazz
EBM von Eine Tasse Jäger - Oldschool and anhalt Electronic Body Music, inspired by the blog Eine Tasse Jäger.EBM
Afront's Best Of 2009 - A selection of some of my favourite tracks from 2009.synthpop, rock, indie, pop, electro-industrial, psytrance, chamberpop
A Fool For You - A special selection of songs that tell the story of my life.pop, rock, folk, indie, goth, chamberpop etc.
Synthpop 2009 - Some of the finest synthpop from 2009!synthpop
Psytrance 2 - Megaplaylist of psychedelic and progressive trance.psytrance
Synthpop Europa - European synthpop, showcasing some of my favourites in the genre.synthpop
Synthpop USA - Modern electropop from North America.synthpop
The Golden Hour of Synthpop - A history of synthpop, showing its development from the late 70s through early 80s.synthpop
The Human League Unlimited - Choice selection of album tracks and slightly lesser known songs from synthpop's finest band.synthpop
In A Trance - 2-part playlist featuring some of favourite psychedelic trance and psybient (psychedelic ambient)psytrance, psybient
EBM & Industrial - Charting the history of industrial music from the early 80s through to the current day.EBM, industrial, electro-industrial
Futurepop - Sitting between synthpop and industrial, here's a selection of futurepop tracks.futurepop, synthpop
A Sensational History of Popular Music - a spotted history of humankind’s music. Full details here.all
Discophonic Workship - Cosmic disco playlist based on my group of the same name. More details here.cosmic disco, electro disco, space disco, italo disco, synthpop
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