Is That The 12″ Remix? – New Book featuring Pansentient League!

fcoverRob Grillo (author of “Picture This” and “Anoraknophobia“) has just released his new book Is That The 12″ Remix?

Originally released in 2010, “Is That the 12″ Mix?” returns in this newly expanded edition for 2016 (and an appropriate moniker tweak).

With an exclusive introduction by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), “Is That the 12″ Remix? narrates the history of the twelve inch mix and of the remix evolution in the early and mid-80s. The book also includes a chapter on obsessive fans of 80s music. That’s where I come in 😉

Before this blog, I ran a website (also called The Pansentient League) where I posted my remixes of Human League songs along with much better mixes from other (proper) remixers and bands. I also mucked about with creating videos, comics, short stories and fake sci-fi mythology, all centered on my favorite band. It’s quite mad you know. Rob interviewed me for his book (he calls me a fan that’s “a little more left-field” and an example of “just how obsessive some music fans can become“); you can read my contribution in the chapter about The Fan(atic)s. :p


Rob mixes in his personal recollections and stories from a musical 80s along with all sorts of facts and tidbits about Smash Hits, NME, Top Of The Pops, Hi-NRG and Saturday night discos, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, New Order’s Blue Monday, cassette tape mixing along with fascinating insights into twelve inch singles both massive and overlooked. There’s also contributions from a whole host of electronic music fans who describe the first 12″ single they ever bought, and of course a fun and geeky section of lists and discographies at the end.

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Sincerest thanks Rob for including me in this: I feel privileged to play a little part in your obsession.