My Music: The First 15,607 Days

My first record player looked a bit like this

We both heard the same beat in the beginning, but where did you go from there? Perhaps you discovered one or two favorite styles then settled back to explore similar bands. Some of my friends have stayed  hovering around one genre since the day I met them, never venturing out to try something different or perhaps checking out a track or two but then scurrying back to the familiarity of the soundtrack of their youth.

I’m a bit like that too of course. I started early with the genre called synthpop and have come full circle again all these years later. But along the way I’ve listened to and enjoyed a good selection of musical styles; a decent range I hope, so that I’m able to say “eclectic” and mean it and be able to find some common ground with other music fans, no matter what they’re in to.

So here’s my personal timeline of tastewith Spotify links! – showing the main genres I’ve been into through the years and the main bands that kick-started the interest.


Baby Steps (mid to late 1970s)

ABBA: My first pop crush


Primary Numbers (early 1980s)

HUMAN LEAGUE: My favorite band


Higher Schooling (mid 1980s)

JOY DIVISION: I started with New Order then worked backwards


Student Sensations (mid to late 1980s)


Wheels of Industry (early 1990s)


Lessons From An Older Lover (early to mid 1990s)


The Euro Beat (mid to late 1990s)

DIVINE COMEDY: I met Neil Hannon in a supermarket in Dublin


The Current State (early 2000s)

THE KNIFE: A return to Sweden...


Note that in this list of My Music, the groups that got me hooked on a particular style are not necessarily the best or most known in their genre, but they’re the ones that opened up the musical box for me and remain closest to my heart.