App Review: ShareMyPlaylists on Android is the top Spotify playlist-sharing site. With close to 45 thousand playlists, no other playlist sharing site comes close in terms of catalog or features. SMP has just launched a free mobile app on two new platforms: the iPhone version has been out for a while now, but this week saw their arrival on both iPad and Android. TechCrunch have covered the iPad version, so here’s a look at ShareMyPlaylists on Android.

ShareMyPlaylists starts up quickly then refreshes a list of the latest playlists. The top featured playlists are shown in a slick cover-flow arrangement: swipe through the covers to cycle through the featured selection:

Tap on a playlist to display a page with some details, including a coverart thumbnail, description (if the user added one) and complete track-listing:

You can then cick the Play button to open the playlist directly in Spotify.

The app also has three other ways to access playlists using the tabs at the bottom of the screen:

  • Latest – A scrollable list of all the latest playlists.
  • Genres – Select from any of the thirty or so genres to view a scrollable list of playlists.
  • Search – Select Artist, Track, or Playlist then enter a search term.

The SMP app is fairly basic compared with the regular fully-loaded SMP website: you can’t use it to add new playlists for example, and there’s no login feature for regular SMP user’s who want to quickly view all their own playlists. But for a free app it does the business and is a great way to discover new music while on the go.

If you use Spotify on your smartphone, SMP for Android is an essential download. It’s the most polished and professional looking Spotify-related app on the Android market, and another great addition to the mobile Spotify community.


  • Slick cover-flow for featured playlists
  • Access all of SMP’s vast catalog playlists
  • It’s free!


  • No option to Move to SD
  • No login or user search
  • Can’t add comments to playlists

Download the Android app!