Spotify Add-ons for Google Chrome

Google has just released version 6 of its Chrome browser, with a focus on improved speed and simplicity. Much like Firefox, a steadily growing list of extensions and add-ons is enhancing and expanding the Chrome experience on a daily basis. There are already several great Chrome add-ons for Spotify, and in many ways they’re better and more varied than the Spotify Add-ons for Firefox we covered the other day. Here then is a complete  run-down of Spotify add-ons for Google Chrome!


General Spotify Extensions

Spotify Chrome Extension

As featured on the official Spotify blog, this extension lets you select an artist or band name then click a button to display a list of search results from Spotify in a pop-up window. You can then click the song title, artist, or album to open in Spotify. It also lists the song’s popularity, length, and (uniquely) the release date. Note you can’t search for an album or song title just yet, and you may need to enable the “Allow in incognito” option to get it working.


Spot6 is an extension for fans of BBC 6 Music. Hover over the Spot6 button to see the name and artist of the song currently playing on the radio station. You can then click the button to search for the song in Spotify. You’ll get an occasional miss (due to the syntax of song title versions) and the button is identical to Spotify Chrome Extension button, but Spot6 is a neat little extension for the BBC’s best radio station. Note that Spot6 is currently Windows only.


TDos is an extension for users of Tuenti, the “Spanish Facebook.” It is not exclusively a Spotify-related extension, but includes the option to add a Spotify function. Unfortunately I can’t speak Spanish (soy un idiota) so am not able to say much more about this; si usted sabe lo que esto hace, por favor háganoslo saber en los comentarios!


Once installed, Linkify scans a webpage for any Spotify links. Any found then have a small orange Linkify icon in front which you can hover your mouse over to view pop-up details about the track, artist, or playlist (depending on the type of link). It also shows you album art or an artist image in the pop-up. Click to open in Spotify directly; handily Linkify converts any HTTP Spotify links to direct URIs. This is a cool and slick extension that also gets bonus points from me due to developer DJazzy’s choice of examples 😉


Spotify YouTube Extensions


With the Tubespotter extension, you can easily search Spotify for a track based on the currently playing YouTube video. View a music video on YouTube then click the Tubespotter button to open the track in Spotify (if available). Unfortunately I couldn’t get this extension running in Chrome 6, but here’s a video showing how it should work:


This extension adds a button for the Webotify service. Click the button then paste in a Spotify track link. Chrome will then go to the Webotify page and play a YouTube video of the chosen track:


URL Shortener Extensions

Shortens a Spotify URL using the service from Phil Nash, the developer of the excellent SpotifiTunes.

Shortens a Spotify URL using the service: