New Electro-Industrial on Spotify

It’s been a good year for fans of industrial, aggrotech, and EBM music with some of the biggest and most respected names in the scene releasing new albums. Starting with the return of Nitzer Ebb with Industrial Complex and Signal Aout 42’s Vae Victis, we then saw Leæther Strip release the superb Voluntary Confinement: a re-recorded, remixed version of their seminal 1992 album Solitary Confinement.  The loss of Metropolis Records from Spotify’s catalogue was a blow (as was the non-appearance Autodafeh’s latest album), but while we wait for the return of Funker Vogt here are five more excellent new industrial releases on Spotify!

Front Line Assembly – Improvised. Electronic. Device.

The Canadian masters return after four years with their best album in many years.


Code 64 – Trialogue

Sweden’s Code 64 give us a seven-tracks album sampler on Spotify.


Combichrist – Making Monsters

The fifth album from Combichrist is one I’ve been particularly looking forward to and it doesn’t disappoint!


Red Industrie – Switch

This promising debut from Mexico’s Red Industrie is a fantastic mix of electro-industrial, futurepop and EBM.


Various Artists – Hymns of Sex

I came across this wonderfully sleazy EBM compilation thanks to the SpNotify service. It features 19 tracks from new and established industrial and EBM artists where every track has a sexual theme. As Side-Line Magazine say, it’s “loaded with SM and slavery, pain and perversity, seedy fantasies and pornography.” Perhaps NSFW then 😉