Pansentient League Top 20 Posts

The Pansentient League is a blog that’s mostly about music-streaming service Spotify, but I also mix in features on Google Android (my smartphone OS of choice), Apple iPhone (Spotify’s smartphone of choice 😉 ) and my favourite music genres (synthpop, electro, industrial and psytrance). This might seem a bit schizophrenic, but the overall theme of music and technology hopefully ties all this together: there’s nothing I enjoy more than listening to electro music using Spotify on my Google Android smartphone. Well, almost nothing :p

Here’s a self-indulgent list of the Top 20 posts on this blog (based on number of views) since the start of the year, including a look at the most popular categories.

For each page in the Top 20, I checked the categories covered to get a feel for the type of posts that are popular:

Breakdown of pageviews based on category

Posts about Spotify are most popular, with around 64% of the total. Posts on Android come second at 22%. I don’t post often about Apple (since I don’t have any of their products), but a decent 12% of pageviews concern Applecorp nonetheless. Feel free to send me a free iPad and I will be sure to cover Apple much more frequently 😉

Here’s that Top 20 then:

  1. Home page
  2. New on Spotify – An auto-generated list of new releases on Spotify
  3. Spotify Resources – The very latest list of Spotify-related websites, apps, and resources
  4. The Spotties: Spotify Community Site Awards 2010 – Post that launched the site awards
  5. Apple Mac and iPhone Apps for Spotify – Overview of Apple-related Spotify resources
  6. Motorola Milestone UK: First Impressions – A look at Motorola’s Android smartphone
  7. Spotify Community Site Awards 2010: The Winners! – who won what!
  8. Spotify Removals – List of artists removed or missing from Spotify
  9. Spotify Mobile: Android vs. iPhone Smackdown! – Comparing the original Spotify Mobile
  10. Top 20 Synthpop Albums of the Year: Part II – My favourite electro albums of 2009
  11. Motorola Milestone: Second Opinions – Another look at the Milestone aka Motorola Droid
  12. HTC Desire vs. Motorola Milestone – Comparing these two Android smartphones
  13. The Black Spotify – List of shady apps and dodgy sites you see mentioned on Spotify official
  14. Spotify on Android: An In-Depth Review – In-depth look at the Spotify on Android v1
  15. Managing Your Spotify Music Collection – Hints and tips on how to manage your music
  16. What You Get with a Spotify Premium Subscription – Why you should upgrade to Premium
  17. Spotify <3 – A look at sites and apps that mashup and Spotify
  18. Spotify on Android Updated – Reviewing the updates in the latest version
  19. Top 5 Android Market Apps – My favourite Android apps
  20. Spotify Mobile Feature Comparison – Chart showing Spotify Mobile differences

Although my personal situation has changed recently (I’m currently between jobs and looking for work), I hope to continue providing you with all things Spotify, as well as what’s happening with Google Android and the odd post about synthpop. We have a special month-long feature planned for August that I’m very excited about: stay tuned, and thanks for visiting!