Forthcoming Special Feature: Our Top 10 Tracks!

Starting this weekend and running throughout August, The Pansentient League will be hosting a very special feature, with contributions from a whole galaxy of stars.

Listening to all the great bands that are making music today I often wonder which artists had inspired them: which songs do they cherish, which songs are special to them and made them want to be musicians, which songs did they think were the best-in-genre. So I thought I’d ask! I got in touch with a bunch of my favourite bands and music types and asked them each for a playlist. “Send me a list of 10 of your favourite songs with a brief line or two about each one,” I said. “Let me know why you like it, when you first heard it, how it influenced you etc.” I’m very pleased to say the response rate was fantastic! Some of the tracks they chose I knew well; others I’d maybe heard but never listened to properly; others were completely new to me — the perfect personal recommendation service!

Over the coming month, The Pansentient League will be posting a daily “My Top 10 Tracks” list from bands such as Tenek, I Monster, Mirrors, Oblique, Kings Have Long Arms and Northern Kind. We’ll also be featuring lists from some respected music sites, record labels, Spotify celebs, radio shows and club nights. And each list will include a Spotify Playlist so that you can listen in while reading what the bands have to say. To kick things off, Chi Ming Lai from The Electricity Club will be here to tell us his favourite songs. Stay tuned!