Apple Mac and iPhone Apps for Spotify

What with Spot, the despotify-sourced Spotify client for iPhone making an appearance on YouTube, I thought this might be a good time to round up all the Apple-specific tools and apps for Spotify. Most of these are remote controllers, but there’s also a tool and a playlist widget. Note I’m a Windows/Ubuntu/Android guy so I’ve not been able to test any of these out myself, but each one seems to have an active and enthusiastic developer behind it.

  • Listify – Turns Apple iTunes playlists into Spotify playlists.
  • Music Controls – iPhone app (on Cydia) that lets you run and control the Spotify iPhone app in the background.
  • iPhone Remote for Spotify – An iSofa-based webapp for the iPhone that lets you play/pause Spotify, jump to the next or previous track, control the volume and play up to nine playlists. Developer semisans says “I have speakers in several rooms connected to my mac and can now control it even from my patio.” To use, you also need to activate Universal Access in your System Preferences.
  • Spotify Mac Remote – A plugin that allows you to use your Mac’s remote control to play, pause, change tracks and adjust the volume. It also supports Keyspan RF remotes for older Macs and Mac Pros. Requires SIMBL.
  • Spotifylinks Widget – A dashboard widget synced to the spotifylinks playlist website. It’s fed by the site’s RSS so you’ll see a constant stream of new playlists as they’re added.
  • Control Spotify via Apple Script – Another remote control for Spotify. Developer cybesystem says “it’s remotecontrolling for Mac. Just for you who got a mac hooked up as the mediacentre, and some SSH-compliant system near.

Also see: the official Spotify for iPhones page.

Updated: 22 Feb 2010