MP3s ur History!

Time to reclaim some disk space: how much of my mp3 collection is now on Spotify?

I reckon Spotify has:

  • A fair amount of the synthpop and electronica (missing VNV Nation, And One, Seabound, Anthony Rother)
  • Much of the Industrial/EBM (except for KMFDM – I bought and ripped all their albums, so that amounts for a fair chunk of this)
  • Most of the Rock – Indie – Punk (except for The Toy Dolls – again, I bought and ripped all their CDs)
  • None of the Psy – Goa – Psybient
  • Most of the Retro
  • Much of the Downtempo – Warp – Triphop (although need to investigate this further)
  • Some of the Dark Disco – Disco – Radiophonica (missing lots of the new New York disco bands though; artists like Chromatics and Glass Candy)
  • None of the Progressive – Trance – Minimal

So, at a guess I’d say Spotify can stream to me about two-thirds of my mp3 collection. Time to delete then, or maybe I should wait a few months to be sure Spotify is here to stay?

Pie chart made using JDiskReport.