A Human’s Best Friend

Opening page from competition-winning school speech given by Afront in 1980:


“Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. I’m here today to talk to you about the fascinating world of the micro-computer. What springs to mind when I say the word “computer”? Do you think of massive machines used by the military to work out when World War 3 will be? Or do you picture a robot doing the dishes?

Computers are fast breeding; they are here to stay, so we must (all) learn to understand and adjust to them.

Now some older people are frightened on them and don’t want to adjust. They imagine that computers can think for themselves, which they can, but only if programmed by man.”

  • NOTE 1: Edits and censorship (esp. concerning seed Pansentient LEAGUE Manifesto) enforced by school board.
  • NOTE 2: Indicates paramementic awareness of Pre-Installed Objectives (2) and (3)