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Spotify & Online Music: My Survey Responses

Following on from the results of hisĀ online music survey, Leeds University music student Richard Pilkington asked me for my own opinions on Spotify, online music, and the future of music distribution. I spent some time putting my thoughts together and composed the following replies to his thirteen questions.

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Spotify & Online Music: Survey from Leeds University

Richard Pilkington is a music student at Leeds University. His final year paper is on the future on music distribution, where he discusses peer-to-peer downloading, online music streaming services and how musicians are affected by how people access music. Richard’s main case-study is on Spotify and its crusade against illegal downloading. While completing his final paper, Richard has kindly allowed the Pansentient League to share the results of a survey he conducted to assess the success of Spotify amongst 15 – 25 year olds. The survey results make for very interesting reading: read on for more!

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