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Pansentient League v3.0

psl30Welcome to The Pansentient League, a blog about Spotify, synthpop, sci-fi and gadgets.

This is version 3.0 of the blog, as I’ve just migrated the site over from Blogger to WordPress. I installed a theme called Vina then made a few tweaks, fixes and customizations:

  • The SPOTIFY RESOURCES page at the top of the blog lists every known Spotify-related site, blog, application, and resource.
  • There’s a custom Spotify Playlist widget at the bottom of the page: browse the pages then click on the cover art to listen to the playlist in Spotify.
  • The new-look main banner has a clickable imagemap to both the blog’s home page and to the Spotify site.
  • The comments system should be easier to use too. I hope you like the new look!

Also a big hello to all the new readers arriving via the Blog Roll: Spotify feature in last week’s guardian. Not sure who wrote the article, but thanks anyway!