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Pansentient League Top 20 Posts

The Pansentient League is a blog that’s mostly about music-streaming service Spotify, but I also mix in features on Google Android (my smartphone OS of choice), Apple iPhone (Spotify’s smartphone of choice 😉 ) and my favourite music genres (synthpop, electro, industrial and psytrance). This might seem a bit schizophrenic, but the overall theme of music and technology hopefully ties all this together: there’s nothing I enjoy more than listening to electro music using Spotify on my Google Android smartphone. Well, almost nothing :p

Here’s a self-indulgent list of the Top 20 posts on this blog (based on number of views) since the start of the year, including a look at the most popular categories.

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Motorola Milestone: Second Opinions

I’ve had my Motorola Milestone for nearly two months now so thought it was time for a follow-up to my first impressions. Since I bought my Milestone, a couple of things have happened: The price dropped by £50 and Google released the Nexus One. Do I regret rushing out and buying the Milestone? Read on to find out (plus view my list of  Top 20 Android Apps).
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