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Not my Interview with Roberta from Spotify!

A couple of months ago, I thought it’d be a good idea to try to interview The Voice Of Spotify: Roberta! I’m quite new to blogging and certainly not a professional journalist, but I thought that if I was courteous and asked nicely maybe Roberta would spare a few moments to answer some celeb-style questions. So, I sent a request to the Spotify press office asking whether it would be OK to email in some questions for Roberta.

I waited a couple of weeks and after sending another email I received a message indicating that although she was very busy, I could email some short questions and that they’d try to get an answer back as quickly as possible. Result!

I spent a while writing my interview questions, then sent them on and waited.

And waited.

Then about 3 weeks later I saw an article on The Independent‘s website (“Like a Charity Mugger…“) which said:

“Some bloggers have started to ask intrusive personal questions about Roberta’s favourite breakfast cereal and the like, even demanding face-to-face interviews.”

“Yikes!” I thought. That sounds like it could be about me! I didn’t think I’d demanded anything, certainly not a face-to-face interview, and I’d spent ages trying to get the balance right with my questions. But I’m just a blogger, I don’t have any journalism qualifications so I thought maybe I’d overstepped the mark. A little distraught, I emailed the press office again to apologize in case I’d caused any offence. A few hours later I received a very nice email from the press office thanking me for my support and suggesting that the Independent article was probably nothing to do with me anyway, it must have been some other Spotify blogger.

I never did hear anything back from Roberta.

I’ve been trying for this interview for about two months now. Unfortunately it looks like it’s not going to happen. Sorry guys, I did my best!

The press office told me Roberta is concentrating on her Premium Services role now, so it looks like my dream of an exclusive interview with her is over. Obviously I’m disappointed, but I’m sure it’s not Roberta’s job to pander to every interview request like this.

So here anyway are the questions I sent to Roberta back in March. You’ll just need to imagine your own answers!

Interview Questions for Roberta from Spotify

Hi Roberta,

Thanks for taking the time to talk! How were you chosen to provide the now-famous “Hi, I’m Roberta from Spotify” message? Did you volunteer, or were you just the Spotify employee with the best voice?

(no reply)

Whereabouts are you from? Your accent is difficult to pin down.

(no reply)

What’s it like working for such a pioneering and fast-growing company?

(no reply)

You were recently interviewed by the BBC, where you said that online piracy was an issue for parents who had no idea where their kids were downloading from. Why do you think Spotify is the best alternative to illegal downloads?

(no reply)

It was a little disappointing to hear the default ringtone you had on your mobile phone in that interview. Have you changed it yet? What tune is your ringtone now?

(no reply)

What kind of music do you like? Who are your favourite singers and bands?

(no reply)

You have such an enchanting voice, have you ever thought about releasing your own single?

(no reply)

What’s the last concert or show you went to?

(no reply)

You’re very popular on Twitter – you even have your own hashtag – do you use Twitter or any other social networking site? What are your favourite websites?

(no reply)

Did you know you had a fanclub on FaceBook? Any message for your fans there? Apart from “upgrade to premium” and “stop stalking me” of course!

(no reply)

There’s also a forum on Last.fm called “I want to marry Roberta from Spotify.” Is there any hope for us single men, or are you already taken?

(no reply)

Would you ever record another Spotify message, or does you role as Spotify’s Premium Services Manager mean this will never happen?

(no reply)

What sort of things might a premium subscriber look forward to on Spotify in the future?

(no reply)

Thanks again for your time, Roberta!


http://i94.photobucket.com/albums/l109/RachelMcIntyre/RobertaMaley.jpg (photo by Rachel McIntyre)

UPDATE 28 April 2009

It seems Roberta is still doing interviews, but only for professional outlets (not fan blogs). See the latest The Word Magazine for the scoop.

Grossing 10K

Just a quick post to say that this blog has now had 10,000 unique visitors in the few months since I started blogging! This is incredible, I’m humbled and amazed. Thanks to everyone for coming here and reading, and thanks especially to those of you who’ve sent me a message or left a comment.

Coming soon: my interview with Roberta from Spotify…

Top 5 Spotify Stats

Spotify has:

  1. About two million songs currently available
  2. The license to add about another four million songs
    (they claim to be adding around 10,000 new tracks a day)
  3. Over 1,000,000 subscribers world-wide
  4. Over 250,000 subscribers in the UK
  5. Over 5,000 record labels on-board
Everybody’s favourite voice: Roberta from Spotify
Sources: Spotify staff recent interviews and publicly available documents. Photo from Flickr