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Is That The Twelve Inch Mix?

Is That The Twelve Inch Mix? is a forthcoming book about the history of remix culture from author Rob Grillo (Anoraknophobia). With an exclusive introduction by Martyn Ware (Heaven 17), the book narrates the history of the twelve inch mix and of the remix evolution in the early and mid-80s. The book also includes a chapter on fans of 80s music. Rob had liked what I’d done for the original Pansentient League site and thought it showed someone who’d “gone a bit further in their obsession.” He got in touch and we subsequently exchanged a number of emails as he interviewed me about my mad remixes and strange website. The book also includes contributions from Peter Saville (Factory Records artist), Malcolm Garrett (Heaven 17), Richard Price, Rob Windle (Electronically Yours), Richard Evans (RememberTheEighties) , and Dave Beevers (The Human League).

Is That The Twelve Inch Mix? will be published by Bank House Books sometime this summer. Until then, here’s a short teaser video featuring my remix of Blue Monday.