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What’s New on Spotify: Resolved! (kinda)

Here’s a temporary solution to the problem of Spotify’s lack of new-release updates. Following my post about it last week (and the related support thread), reader Steve (digithed) suggested reading Spotify’s metadata API with a query on albums tagged as new. Coding wizard Andy Smith (of spotibot fame) then stepped in to help implement the XML output as a webpage: the result is this auto-generated list of new releases! There are a few caveats though and this is merely a stop-gap solution. Read on for more detail.
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What’s New on Spotify? Who Knows!

Up until the end of November 2009, every week or so Spotify would release Google Spreadsheets detailing what new tracks had been added. This gave listeners a chance to find out what was new on Spotify, as well as providing a mechanism for community sites to offer recommendation services based on new releases. Unfortunately, Spotify has since decided to stop informing users about what’s new. Since the last spreadsheet came out there have been over half a million new tracks added to Spotify, but other than guesswork there’s no way for users to know what these new tracks are.
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