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On-U Sound in the (Spotify) Area!

Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound Records specialise in electronic dub-reggae music. They’ve been releasing their dubbed out electo-fusion for several decades now: in fact 2010 is On-U’s 30th anniversary. A core collective of producer Adrian Sherwood, Doug Wimbish (bass), Keith Leblanc (percussion), and Skip McDonald (guitar) have frequently worked together on albums from acts like Tackhead, Dub Syndicate, African Head Charge, Mark Stewart and Gary Clail.

I’ve been a fan of the On-U sound ever since a friend played me a Tackhead album back when I was a student. But many of my favourite On-U records are yet to make it onto Spotify: missing are Tackhead’s brilliant “Tackhead Tape Time”, Gary Clail’s politically charged debut “End Of The Century Party” and Dub Syndicate’s spaced-out “Stoned Immaculate.” However Adrian Sherwood’s recent Crash Slash and Mix albums are both available, as are a few other On-U-related gems. Here’s a selection.
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