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Independent Distributors on Spotify (Updated)

Birmingham-based digital distributors Ditto Music left a comment yesterday (“Spotify Missing Your Favourite Artist“) which I thought was worth promoting here to a full post.

Ditto Music offer digital distribution for independent artists and unsigned bands: their retailers include iTunes, Napster, and now also Spotify. Here’s the comment in full:

Congrats to Spotify for providing a legal alternative for music lovers everywhere.
We distribute around 10,000 artists and have just signed a contract with Spotify to supply them with content.
So if you are an unsigned artist , check out www.dittomusic.com where you can upload your music to Spotify free of charge.

And if you are a music lover then you can hear music from great Ditto artists like Lil Wayne, Tupac, The Streets and loads more 🙂

This seems like an easy (and cheap) way for independent artists to get their music onto Spotify. I’ve no experience with these guys myself, but it looks like it’s worth checking out: read their FAQ for more. If you’re worried about losing control or that it’ll cost you too much to add your music, note they say:

A small one-off fee to cover expenses and admin of £2 per month covers storage/maintenance and our accounting company. That is the ONLY cost. You keep 100% of profits and copyright.

You can now also upload to Spotify via Record Union.