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SpNotify: Spotify New Release Notifications

Not so long ago, Spotify used to publish a spreadsheet whenever they added new music to their service. Every few days, you could go to their blog, open the spreadsheet, and browse all the new releases. This was a bit cumbersome so a community of websites sprung up to help music fans discover what was new. You could enter your Last.fm username (or a band name, or genre) and the apps would read Spotify’s spreadsheets then return a custom list of What’s New, tailored to your own personal tastes. It was a fantastic way to keep up with your favourite bands, and one of the best ways to discover new music and re-discover bands you’d forgotten about.

But then Spotify stopped releasing the spreadsheets, killing off all those supporting sites and leaving music fans with no easy way to discover new music.

Now a potential saviour has arrived: it’s called SpNotify. Read on for more!
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