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Google Android on G1 – Hello World

Upgraded my phone from a Sony-Ericsson W880i to a T-Mobile G1 running Google Android:
I’ve had it for just over a week now, so I’ve had a chance now to have a play and get used to the device. It’s an amazing piece of technology and although I have a couple of hardware complaints and one particular issue with the software, overall I’m well pleased with it.

Previously I’d had to carry my W880i phone, Creative Zen mp3 player, and Psion Revo organizer all with me to work at the same time. I ditched the Revo a few months ago (I moved all my contacts, spreadsheets, notes etc. to the Google cloud) but I’ve missed it ever since.

I’m not a big mobile phone user (I have Skype, I have free calls on my Virgin Media landline, I have email access most of my waking hours, I don’t have a wife) so when the G1 came out on T-Mobile with its £40/month contract I wasn’t tempted. A few months pass however, and now I can have a G1 for £20/month by paying just £50 for the phone. That’s over £200 cheaper than the current best contract deal for both an iphone or Blackberry Storm. I went into my local T-mobile store to look at the phone in RealWorld – Internet says it’s an ugly phone and pics make it look bigger than it is: I thought it looked fine and although not a clamshell, the qwerty keyboard instantly remined me of the Revo. Sign me up!