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Spotify: An Independent Artist’s View

Northern Kind are Sarah Heeley and Matt Culpin, an English synthpop band who’ve worked with synth-stars such as Alan Wilder (Depeche Mode, Recoil), Kajagoogoo, and Simon Heyworth (Simple Minds, Mike Oldfield). Northern Kind’s 2nd album WIRED was my favourite release of 2009 and it has been available on Spotify for a few months now. I asked Matt about his experiences of Spotify from an artist’s point of view: how he went about adding his music, what sort of returns he’d seen, and his general opinions on the current state of the music industry. Read on for this exclusive interview!

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Interview with Spotibot Developer

spotibot-mob3First came Spotibot: a Spotify music recommendation service on Twitter (reviewed here). This included a Better Links service to spruce up the drab Spotify link pages with album art and track listings. Then came the excellent Spotibot Playlist Generator: a mashup that creates custom playlists for you based on similar artists. Now Spotibot is ready for walkies: introducing Spotibot Mobile, a webapp for Spotify Mobile that helps you to find new music on the move. Read on for the review and for an exclusive interview with Andy Smith, Spotibot’s creator.

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