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Hearing Lessons from the Frowning Flower Girl

How’s your hearing? Mine’s finally returning after over a month of near-deafness in one ear. It was quite a downer, especially since I’d not been able to listen to any music in all that time. You’re probably a music fan too, so imagine what a month of silence would be like!

I consider myself very lucky that my hearing loss was only temporary, but it seems that the tinnitus could well be permanent in both ears. And I probably only have myself to blame.

So if you listen to much music, take a tip from a forty-year old synthpopper (or a three-year old frowning flower girl) and turn the volume down. Just a little. You’ll hardly notice the difference. Think about wearing earplugs at concerts too or at least make sure you’re not standing right next to the speaker stacks (duh). I did none of these things from my teens through to my thirties, and the result is that I now have two tone-generators permanently switched on inside my head.

Ho hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

Here ends this public service announcement from The Pansentient League. Now that I can actually listen to some tunes, normal music service will resume shortly!