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Spotisfaction Guaranteed

Spotify uses getsatisfaction to provide support to customers and to harvest ideas, suggestions, and bug reports. It’s a mine of interesting information, and Spotify’s Global Community Manager Andres works tirelessly to reply to users and give helpful advice.

One cool feature of getsatisfaction is the ability to let employees tag support requests and ideas with the company’s response. With this they can indicate ideas that they’re considering or actively working on implementing. By looking through the topics, you can get a good idea of exactly which features are likely to arrive in Spotify soon. Here then, is an easy-to-view summary:

Spotify is working on these ideas/problems

  • Reduce repetitive advertising
  • Fix error unable to contact server (Error 309)
  • Improve scrobbling to Last.fm
  • Some Links To Bands Display a Blank Page
  • Two artists listed as one
  • Top Lists useless after weekly content changes

Spotify is considering these ideas

  • An improved way to manage playlists / Better mymusic organiser
  • Pause Spotify by muting
  • Repeat a song all the time (repeat-mode missing)
  • Mouse over playlists
  • Warning when someone has added tracks to “your” list
  • Integrated “report song” functionality
  • A “Whats new ?” page
  • New released music list: Inform about restrictions
  • Increase the reliability of the Spotify catalogue thanks to spotifyers
  • Add the classical genre in the radio / Classical radio
  • Report genre violations
  • “Active years” and “Genres” should be moved to “Overview” tab
  • Explore music, not only find what you like
  • Improve the radio
  • Improvement Suggestions (equalizer, volume, friends, sharing)
  • Add audio books to Spotify
  • Add creative commons albums (e.g. Nine Inch Nails) to Spotify
  • Remove gaps between songs
  • Command-line options for Proxy settings
  • Option to tell Spotify my location on startup (for proxy server issues etc.)
  • Could you develop social features
  • Missing the total time and number of tracks in playlist
  • Spotify for iPhone app
  • Spotify & ITMS (iTunes Store) Integration
  • Have many different options to buy music
  • Affiliate-program to appeal to record companies
  • Offline Spotify

Spotify has no plans to implement these ideas

  • Add news broadcast integration

To find out more on any of these topics, copy-paste into the getsatisfaction search.

Give me a Login or give me Death

On a mad sign-up frenzy recently, including:

  • Postrank to filter down some of my RSS feeds in Google Reader/Feedly. It ranks posts based on popularity and seems to do a pretty good job. For example, my 30-a-day Sci-Fi Wire feed is now an 8-a-day “best of” feed instead.
  • Friendfeed to aggegate all my feeds in one place. Not really looked into this properly yet but thought I should grab my namespace there before someone else does.
  • LinkedIn to snoop on network with former work colleagues
  • Getsatisfaction, a great real-time customer support site that seems to be used by a growing number of tech companies and app developers. I’ve logged a few requests with the Spotify team so we’ll see how that goes.

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