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More Stand-Up Comedy on Spotify

There’s still a severe lack of British stand-ups on Spotify: for example, there’s no Michael Mcintyre, Kevin Bridges, Jimmy Carr, Frankie Boyle, or Al Murray. Missing too are the excellent Go Faster Stripe acts like Stewart Lee, Richard Herring, Daniel Kitson and Simon Munnary.

But American and Canadian comics are very well represented. I posted a feature on Stand-Up Comedy on Spotify about a year ago so thought it was about time to re-check Spotify’s humongous catalog to see who’s been added since then. Fancy a laugh? Read on for our stand-up recommendations!

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My Top 10 Favourite Podcasts

I have my HTC Desire wired up to listen to in the car when I’m commuting to and from work each day. I’m often not in the mood for music until later on in the day, so to keep me entertained I subscribed to a selection of podcasts (a podcast is a kind of radio show you can subscribe and listen to whenever you want). I was initially overwhelmed at the sheer volume, variety, and quality of podcasts out there: most bad, some good, and a few essential selections. After checking out many different podcasts over the past few months, I’ve whittled it down to what I think are the very best technology, media, science, comedy and sci-fi podcasts around. Read on for my pick of the Top 10 Best Podcasts!

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