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BlackStar_400x400Unfortunately, Spotify have switched off their Metadata API meaning that our New on Spotify page will not work without a rewrite. I currently do not have the time nor skills to do this – if you feel up to the challenge, please get in touch and I can send you the sources.


There are a few possible alternatives:

If you know of any good alternatives, please comment below!

Tech Notes

This webapp used PHP and mySQL to read and store XML from Spotify’s now defunct Metadata API. It also used’s API to get the genres and album art.

Spotify’s new API is JSON-based. See:

Spotify’s API still does not filter by genre, so any new version of this page will most likely still need to rely on

  • Frits Bolkys

    I have found the following site a while ago:

  • Frits Bolkys


    I found this on Spotify:

    click on “public lists”

    It seems The Needle are (new) singles / one only song of artists of a country. Page Down you get Pin the Needle and The Sound of….

    At the site you can click on a genre. At the right you get a playlist. Open in Spotify. Now you see at the top different genres. Clicking on a genre gives you a list of music of that genre. Not especially new songs.

  • Not bad, thanks

  • Thanks, hmm yeah – those playlists just represent the genre – nice, but needs a “new releases only” filter

  • Neil Morgenstern

    My app that finds new music is still working, last run on 7 February 2016. I have been using the C API, and my code is now about 2 years old.

    It is not publicly available. I might put it on github at some point.

  • Sorry to see your service go. It was on of the ones I featured. I run which is a music bin for new releases. I have genre data already and I’m actively working on implementing it.

  • Cheers Mike, ah nice – good luck there!

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