Even More Favorite Albums of 2013

While waiting for albums from CHVRCHES, Covenant, Northern Kind, Vile Electrodes, and VNV Nation (all due this year!) here’s another selection of excellent electronica from the past month or two.



Iamamiwhoami – Bounty

Marnie – Crystal World

Pet Shop Boys – Electric

Slave Republic – Quest for Love

Zynic – Blindsided



Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks

Pouppée Fabrikk – The Dirt

SIGNAL AOUT 42 – Inspiration



Phaxe – Calm Under Pressure

Shpongle – Museum of Consciousness

Benji Vaughan – Even Tundra

Ovnimoon – Trancemutation of the Mind

Nevarakka – The War Is on!



Eat Lights Become Lights – Modular Living

Warm Digits – Interchange

  • I’ll never run out of stuff to listen to with you around!

  • Thanks Brian – good to know someone’s still out there 😉

  • Always!

  • Cosmic Armchair

    Totally agree with Brian – thanks for sharing! Please never stop!

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