Five Years of Top 20 Albums

I’ve been posting “Best Albums of the Year” lists for some years now, originally on MySpace then on this site. Feeling all retrospective, I thought I’d put together a quick “list of lists” to help keep track of them all. Unfortunately some of the older lists have gone AWOL: Wayback Machine has a few snapshots of my old MySpace homepage, but alas the blog posts were not archived. Google’s cache does have a fragment, but only goes back to 2009. Still, there’s still five years of top albums to re-visit!


2005 – 2007

Top 10 lists posted on MySpace but now lost in the mists of time… I do remember my album of the year for 2007 though:


Damn I miss Schmoof!.


Top 10 Albums of 2008” – fragment retrieved from MySpace:

10. Vibrasphere – “Lungs of Life
09.  Deadmau5 – “Random Album Title
08.  Thermostatic – “Humanizer
07.  Ticon – “2AM
06.  The Presets – “Apocalypso
05.  Gentle Touch – “In Memory of Savannah
04.  Zeigeist – “The Jade Motel
03.  Padded Cell – “Night Must Fall
02.  Kelley Polar – “I Need You to Hold on While the Sky Is Falling”
01.  Parralox – “Electricity







.The Human League - Credo




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