Pansentient Synthpop 2012

Pansentient Synthpop 2012 is a Spotify playlist containing an ever-expanding collection of the best new synthpop and electropop releases from 2012. Featuring over 100 songs from 100 artists, this playlist is the ultimate modern sampler for every discerning synthpop fan!

Updated weekly with additional suggestions from The Electricity Club, Brutal Resonance, Electronic Magazine and Bop 2 Pop.




3 Cold Men, Agent Side Grinder, Aidan Casserly, Alexander Geist, AlterRed, And One, Antiscion, Anyplace, Ashbury Heights, Assemblage 23, Atari Cowboy, Bioassay, Calfskin, Carved Souls, Cassette Electrik, Chew Lips, Christianoshi, CHROM, Cinemascape, Color Theory, Compute, Computer Magic, Continues, Cosmicity, Curxes, De/Vision, Dead Eyes Open, !Distain, EGOamp, Electric Youth, Electro Spectre, Electrobelle, Eleven Pond, Empire State Human, Erasure, Even More, Evokateur, Father Tiger, Flux, Foretaste, Fox Hunting, The Golden Filter, Grimes, Haberdashery, Happiness Project, The Hundred In The Hands, Huski, Iamamiwhoami, Indefinite Cure, Jonas Seltsam, Karin Park, Kontravoid, Led Er Est, Light Asylum, Lola Dutronic, LorD and Master, Lovelock, Marina and The Diamonds, Maxwell’s Complex, Metroland, Moon.74, My Woshin Mashin, The Mystic Underground, Nicolas Makelberge and Friday Bridge, Norator, Ny Fan, Oblique, …of Diamonds, Optic, Ostrich, Parallels, Parralox, Pet Shop Boys, Planet R, Polaroid Kiss, Purity Ring, Retropop, Scarlet Soho, Sleekey, The Slow Waves, Social Ambitions, The Sound Of The Crowd, Strangers, Substaat, Suicidal Romance, Supercraft, Synthetic Division, Tesla Boy, This Mono Galaxy, Tiger Tea, Toxic N Blue, Trans-X, Ultravox, Underwater Pilots, Vainerz, Vanguard, Vaylon, Wave in head, Willy Baxter, Xylos… and more to come!

  • John Bejarano

    The only real hole I see in this list is that there’s nothing from Future Perfect’s Escape album. Other than that it looks pretty solid.

  • Cheers John, I would have loved to include Future Perfect but they have not yet made their album available on Spotify 🙁

  • it is an honour that you elected to include the mystic underground in your playlist, jer. appreciated!

  • John Bejarano

    Ah, I see. Makes sense. I have their album digitally on iTunes. Forgot the spotify angle. Hope it shows up there some time, (and Northern Kind’s Credible Sexy Unit whenever they finally release it). 🙂

  • Looking forward to getting stuck into this over the weekend! Cheers, Jer!

  • Enjoy! I’ll be tweaking, adding to, and quality-checking this playlist until the end of the year 😉

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