Some Suggestions to Get Spotify Working on Ice Cream Sandwich

UPDATE: try the new Spotify Preview for Android – a complete rewrite of the app and ICS-compatible!

Who remembers the Android release called Gingerbread? This was version 2.3 released in December 2010 so it’s now over a year old, but unfortunately it remains the most-recent version of Android supported by Spotify. Honeycomb (v3.x) is not supported and neither is the version currently rolling out to millions of handsets and tablets around the world: Ice Cream Sandwich.

Some lucky users have not had any problems running Spotify on an ICS device (“I have a galaxy nexus with ICS and no issues so far”) but the majority are eagerly updating their phones and tablets only to discover that Spotify stops working, typically after a few days of usage.

The Google Play market erroneously indicates that Spotify is “compatible with my devices,” but the official word from Spotify is that both Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich are not supported. My own situation is this – I have two Android devices:

  • A Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 2.3.4. Luckily Spotify (mostly) works on this smartphone without too many problems.
  • An ASUS Transformer Prime running Android 4.0. Spotify does not work on this. It installs but crashes every time I start it up. I don’t use my tablet for music though, so this isn’t really too much of a problem for me.

Since ICS is due on my Galaxy S II over the next few days, I’m anxious to find a solution. I could of course just remain on Gingerbread until there’s an official fix, but given the neglect the Spotify Android app has seen since its release I fear this could be a long wait. There do however seem to be a few possible temporary workarounds to get Spotify working on Ice Cream Sandwich. None of these are guaranteed, but if you’re desperate they’re at least worth a try.


Some Suggestions to Get Spotify Working on ICS

  • If you installed the Spotify Android app from the Market, uninstall it and install the version from the Spotify website instead.
  • If you installed the Spotify Android app from the Spotify website, uninstall it and install the version from the Market instead.
  • Don’t store any offline playlists i.e. use Spotify as for streaming-only. If you really can’t live without offline playlists, keep the number of playlists stored offline down to a minimum.
  • Don’t play an local files through Spotify.
  • Try an older version of the app. The current version is 0.4.12, but there are reports that version 0.4.04 is much more stable on ICS. This version pre-dates Facebook logins though, so only downgrade if you have an “old” (non-Facebook) Spotify login.
  • Change your password. Bizarrely Spotify suggest this might help.
  • Uninstall, delete cache, re-install. Repeat these steps every week or so to get around the “breaks after a few days” problem.
  • If you have lots of playlists, delete most of them then try again.
  • Alternatively, get an iPhone.

Some of these workarounds are pretty severe and limiting, most are a pain in the ass, and there’s no guarantee any of them will work on your device anyway. I guess it depends on how badly you want Ice Cream Sandwich and Spotify.

Personally, I need Spotify on my smartphone on a daily basis, so I cannot afford to take any chances. I will not upgrade to ICS unless there are genuine reports that prove Spotify will continue to run on my Galaxy S II, or until robot pigs invade from space Spotify release an Android update.

  • Vincent Rodriguez

    I personally think robot pigs will invade from space  much before a Spotify Android update.

  • Allanblackstock

    Losing faith a little in spotify due to this.

  • Me too, they’ve not even bothered to update the Market compatibility stats, so many users will only find out it’s broken after they’ve paid for Premium.

  • Alangalaxy

    I have been running Spotify daily with no problems on my Galaxy SII since upgrading to Ice Cream Sandwich around 5 weeks ago. Granted the device is rooted and I am running a genric ROM but I felt I should let you know that I have so far encountered no bugs at all.

  • Thanks. Are you able to offline sync your playlists OK?

  • Alangalaxy

    Just checked and yes, all offline playlists sync with no problem, local files on my pc are playing through the phone offline just fine.

  • Jonbass

    Thanks for the article.Everything is working properly now. I haven’t been able to use spotify since I installed ics. Downloading from the Spotify website worked straight away (I had uninstalled and reinstalled from the market previously, which didn’t work).

  • Benblijleven

    Ben Blijleven

    cancelling my subscription. Will not pay for crap.

  • bradavon

    I’ve found Spotify 0.4.04 more reliable generally speaking. I’m now on the latest version with Android 2.2 Froyo but every now and again find myself going back to 0.4.04.

    Have you tried 0.4.04 on your tablet? That would be worthwhile trying. I’d want to listen to music whilst using mine, just like I do my laptop.

    Your Spotify website link above points to the Windows download btw.

  • bradavon

    I’m pretty sure each Spotify account created through Facebook has a regular Spotify account behind it. It’s a bunch of numbers. It’s just hidden from the user as they’d prefer you authenticate to Spotify through Facebook nowadays.

    Go to your profile in Spotify Desktop, right click and choose “Copy Spotify URI”. Paste this somewhere and at the end you’ll see your Spotify username.

    I’ve no idea if you can use this with Spotify 0.4.04 but it would make sense you can. If you can login to Spotify Desktop using it, it’ll almost certainly work on Spotify’s Mobile platforms too.

  • Do you have a URL for the 0.4.04 version? Ta.

  • bradavon

    You’ve already posted it above ;-). It’s in your “Some Suggestions to Get Spotify Working on ICS” section.

    You can open the link in the tablet browser or download it using a PC, copy/paste it across then use something like ES File Explorer to run it.

    When you say it crashes on your Transformer, do you mean it opens and then almost immediately closes (no force close error)? It’s been doing that for me lately on my HTC Desire with Froyo.

  • bradavon

    Hello Jer. How did 0.4.04. work on your Transformer? Any good?

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  • Johnareyou

    Im using a Arnova 9g2 .How can i get spotify on this or is it just not compateble 

  • bradavon

    Try these:

    1. There are several links on Google saying how to get the Android Market working on the Arnova 9g2. I don’t know if you need to be Rooted though?

    2. At the top of this article (“UPDATE: try the new…”) is a link to download the PreviewSpotifyAndroid.apk file. Open this in any Android File Manager such as ES File Explorer or ASTRO. It should then install fine.

  • Inkyeyes

    “Alternatively, get an iPhone.”

    How about you suck me.. That is not a way to get Spotify working on ICS d-bag.

  • Alternatively, get an iPhone.” no fucking way! what about fuck you!…. that’s not a way to fix a problem! I never will lay a finger on Apple devices!

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