Spotify Bans Jamcast Plugin for PlayStation

Back in August we looked at Jamcast, a 3rd-party PC app that lets you listen to Spotify on a PlayStation or Xbox. This general-purpose DNLA app showed a lot of promise for coupling with Spotify, and while not the only solution it’s by far the easiest.

The developers at Jamcast obviously saw the mutual benefit of their app working with Spotify, and now that Spotify finally allow their API to be used commercially (subject to Spotify approval) the team at Jamcast developed a plugin to allow native browsing and playing of Spotify on PS3s and Xboxes – check out this demo video:

Jamcast duly submitted their plugin to Spotify for approval, but unfortunately Spotify refused permission (citing the app as “re-streaming” even though it’s only rebroadcasting it from a PC to a PS3). You can read the full story over at (incidentally a great website for unique tech stories), where Israel Kendall discusses the ban and talks to Scott Streaker, CEO of Jamcast developers Software Development Solutions.

Thanks to Israel to getting in touch about this!

  • Anonymous

    What a shame. The plugin looks really good. Are they going to resubmit an amended version?

    Jamcast doesn’t just work with Xbox 360/PS3 but any DLNA device, such as Blu-ray Players etc… I believe in this instance it just transmits whatever is going through the sound card and this is picked up by the DNLA device. You cannot control it from that.

    This plugin looks better, as it displays Spotify track name/playlists etc…

    Still Jamcast will continue to work with Spotify. They’d struggle to block it entirely.

  • Perhaps Spotify are working on an official app?

  • While not entirely out of the question, I would be surprised to see Sony allow a Spotify app on the PS3 as it would be direct and strong competition to Sony’s own Q Music Unlimited service.

  • not really. you have hulu, netflix and loads of other video streaming services which are already on the ps3, and they too are in direct and strong competition to Sony’s own Q Video Unlimited service. So why not at Spotify app directly on your x-bar ?

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