Spotify Playlist: Afront’s Hauntronica 2011

Summoned from the depths of The Spotify Catalog using special powers, mixed into a sonical Potion of Awesome by my bare hands then cast as the finest Electro-Witch House, Haunted Pop, Dark Dubstep and Goth-Electronica – Here’s my bewitching (and slightly creepy) playlist of Hauntronica!

Featuring The Weird Sisters of:

  • Fever Ray, The Knife, Austra, Emika, Gazelle Twin, The Horn The Hunt,
  • Zola Jesus, Labyrinth Ear, White Ring, Modern Witch, This Mortal Coil and more!

The astounding cover art for this playlist is “Corrupted Gift” by Edinburgh artist Adam “Kimded” Howie. Check out his other works at and be prepared to be amazed!



Playlist dedicated to Trish Keenan (RIP).