How To Listen to Spotify on PlayStation and Xbox


Did you know you can easily stream Spotify to your PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360? In fact, you can stream it to any DNLA-compliant device, such as newer Samsung and Sony Bravia TVs.

Before you get too excited though, note that there’s currently no official Spotify app for either PlayStation or Xbox. Instead, you can use a service called Jamcast to capture audio playing on Spotify on your Windows PC and stream it to your living room, kitchen, or wherever your connected device is.

Here’s what you need to do.


First of all, download and install Jamcast. It’s free to use for the first 14 days, with a full license costing $29.99 thereafter. Once installed, check that the Virtual Soundcard is enabled in Jamcast to capture audio:

Switch on your PlayStation, Xbox, or DNLA device then search for media servers. For example, on the PS3 navigate to the Music area of the XMB then scroll down to find Jamcast. If it’s not there, be sure your console is on the same network as your PC and check your firewall in case its blocking the server. The Jamcast Server Manager has a devices tab, so be sure your Ps3 or Xbox is showing up there too.

Select the Jamcast server on your console then go to Playlists > Virtual Soundcard. Now start up Spotify on your PC and play some music.

After a brief delay (5 to 10 seconds) the Spotify music should start playing from your console.

That’s it! There’s no album cover art or track details unfortunately, and the delay can be a bit disconcerting at first, but for $30 this is a cheap ‘n’ dirty way to stream Spotify around the house. I use it in conjunction with Unified Remote, an excellent Android-PC remote control app that controls Spotify (and the PC’s mouse & keyboard) from my Galaxy Tab. There are plenty of other remotes for Android and iPhone: just search for “remote” on the Spotify Resources page.

The above steps are for streaming Spotify from Windows PCs. For other platforms, see:

Whether any official Spotify app for consoles is coming or not remains to be seen. While the recent deal with Virgin Media implies that a Flash-based Spotify app must be in the works, both Sony and Microsoft already have their own music services (Qricoity and Zune Pass) so are unlikely to allow Spotify on their platforms any time soon.

  • Reader

    There are a million posts that recommend using this overpriced software, which is stupid. This can be done easily for free, and a guide on that would be more useful to people.

    Here’s one:

    and here’s another:

  • Thanks Reader, good tips for the slightly more technically-minded Spotify user.

    I’ve tried PS3 Media Server before, I see Spotify under Web Radios but I always get a “data type not supported” (have specified :8124 in WEB.conf) Any advice on that would be appreciated!

  • Aaron

    @4fad7a8fe89a2d9885ac710fab0ba4e4:disqus, some of us aren’t on food stamps and can afford the $30.  My time is worth more than putting together that lame DSBridge hack, which like Jer didn’t work for me either.

    Thanks for this, tried it out yesterday and it works with no hassle.  I’ll post back in a week and let you know if it’s still doing the job!

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  • me
  • Scott K


  • I find your comment about the food stamps very much un-needed there are alot of people such as myself that DO NOT get food stamps and STILL can NOT afford $30 to just put something on my game system or whatever else.

  • Mart

    yep, it’s been updated, but still doesn’t work! depends on your router type and network environment. just bought Jamcast to save any more wasted hours!

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  • carl markus

    “I’M OFFENDED!!!!” shut the fuck up

  • Zeshan Bilal

    Thanks for posting..I use Spotify Web Player Nice work done!!

  • Eric

    I agree with the below posts…the way to stay wealthy is not to give your money away needlessly… put some elbow grease into it rather than buying your way out.

  • Cena Christ

    Here are the guidance on how to play Spotify Music on Xbox One.

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