First Reviews of The Pansentient League’s Guide to Spotify

It’s only been a couple of days since the release of my ebook The Pansentient League’s Guide to Spotify, but I’m already seeing some great reviews and mentions popping up around the interweb.

Top industrial and electronic music website Side-Line Magazine calls The Pansentient League an “excellent Spotify blog” and says the ebook is:

“Yours for not even $6. Recommended reading.”

Not even six dollars? Try around three dollars: I’m practically giving this book away!

Meanwhile, Spotify Classical Playlists had this to say:

“If you are a Spotify veteran, you probably already know Pansentient League, the world’s largest and most informative independent Spotify blog.”

Oh, stop! I’m blushing! Oh alright then, carry on.

“The Pansentient League’s Guide to Spotify on Kindle features all the great tutorials and tips on his site in a professionally edited and formatted ebook. I recommend all Kindle users to download a free sample and see for yourselves.”

Knows what he’s talking about does Ulysses. One of his site’s commenters disagreed though:

“On your advice I purchased a copy. I found close to nothing that I hadn’t figured out for myself.”


“Fortunately it is only $3.”

Phew. Fingers crossed he won’t want his money back then.

But wait. What’s this? Another comment from the same guy, posted a few hours later:

“Let me retract my comment.”

Why certainly sir!

“I had only reviewed the first half of this book when I wrote you. Later this evening I got to the meat when I read further. If I had obtained only one idea, the price would have been fine. Instead, I have at least 15 suggestions tagged for review. Thank you for the suggestion, and let me apologize to the author if he is following.”

Most gladly accepted: what a turnaround! What a guy! Thanks Pietr.

Team ListDJ also kindly mentioned the book on their blog, while ShareMyPlaylists – the playlist sharing site other playlist sharing sites want to be when they grow up – had this to say:

“Whether you’re a seasoned Spotify user or complete novice, The Pansentient League’s brilliant new book is the perfect way to make sure you’re getting the most of the world’s greatest jukebox.”

Now that’s just made of win! Of course, I’m sure there are lots of bad reviews and nasty comments coming up soon, so be sure to check back here again for the comedown.