Spotify USA!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Spotify USA!

After years of waiting, Spotify is now finally available in the United States of America by invite or subscription. Yee-ha! You might have tried Pandora, Rhapsody, MOG or rdio, but we think you’ll find Spotify kicks ass like no other!

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  • I would really like to know if our Europe invites will work for the US version.

  • Yay! I can finally go legit ;). But really, I’ve favored MOG lately because of it’s 320 kbps downloads to mobile. Spotify was only 160 kbps last I checked, and you can really hear the difference.

  • That’s true, Spotify Mobile’s max bitrate is ~160 kbps. Better than many, but given it’s offered on the desktop and MP3 downloads are 320 too there really should be an option for this on mobile.

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  • Shi Lei

    Great news! More competition from MOG, Rido and co. will definitely spirit Spotify up and give us a even more awesome product! Once they find people do care about MOG’s 320 kbps advantage…

  • I mentioned the bitrate difference on their customer service forums months ago, and stated explicitly that I would stick to MOG until they upgraded it. No response. 🙁

  • so where is the ipad app then?

    Really thought they would update the iOs software and add an iPad version of spotify with the US launch. 

    edit: looks like they just added folder support for iOS version. Great!

  • Kim G

    Agree with the crashing problem – it kept happening even after I rebooted my phone, so had to delete and reinstall the app.

  • Oscarwestman

    Hey guys and girls in the ass-kicking US. Please subscribe to my playlists, I’m sure they wont disappoint you. Take it easy:)

    Random good music: Sleeeevar lite skön musik
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  • Oscarwestman

    Hey guys and girls in the ass-kicking US. Please subscribe to my playlists, I’m sure they wont disappoint you. Take it easy:)

    Random good music:
    House & Dubstep:
    Just copy and paste in the toolbar

  • Avi

    Can you have invitation for Spotify?
    Thank you, Avi

  • Sure Avi – check your email!

  • Beerdrinker

    Me too.

  • I’m 99% certain invites from anywhere will work in US, UK, and Europe…

  • Paul

    can i get an invite?
    i don’t know any other americans who have it yet 🙂

  • Sure thing – check email!

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