Introducing: Spotify for Dummies

Here’s a heads-up about a forthcoming book I’m involved with. Spotify For Dummies is a “fun and friendly guide” that walks you through how best to use Spotify. Due out in October, it’s available for pre-order now from and

Covering everything from using Spotify on smartphones to creating and sharing your own playlists, Spotify For Dummies has it all. Experienced author Kim Gilmour details the ins and outs of this revolutionary music application, from installing and setup to discovering new artists and taking your musical enjoyment to new levels.

  • Explores the social networking aspects of Spotify and how to integrate with them
  • Helps you navigate through the various editions of Spotify
  • Shows you how to take Spotify with you on your mobile device
  • Encourages you to merge your own music collection with Spotify

Spotify For Dummies also features The Pansentient League and a host of other Spotify community sites, including ShareMyPlaylists and I’ve been helping Kim and the team make sure this book is technically accurate which has been great fun, and meant I got to see the book’s content before anyone else 😉 Kim has done a fantastic job applying the for dummies approach to Spotify, and she knows her subject so well I even picked up a few new tips myself!

Kim has also just launched a twitter account to accompany the book: be sure to follow @Spotify4Dummies for her tips and news.

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  • James Fetcher

    “Covering everything from using Spotify on smartphones to creating and sharing your own playlists, Spotify For Dummies has it all.”I’d friggin’ hope so. If it didn’t cover everything it’d be a 3-page book. I don’t know what kind of person would actually buy an entire book focussing on one piece of software? How do you even write a book about such a simple application? Your customer base must consist entirely of music lovers over 70.

  • Hehe, you’d be surprised. I was thinking the same thing initially, until I saw
    Twitter for Dummies, which you’d think is just a tool that lets you
    write short status updates and yet THREE authors were involved in writing a
    380-page book about it and it’s in its second edition. I think iPod and iTunes for Dummies is in its seventh edition or something.
    Actually, my last book was about digital photography for seniors, so realistically I do expect that the book would appeal to many older people.

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