Spotify Free vs. Spotify Open

Did you know that Spotify’s two free services, Spotify Free and Spotify Open are slightly different? If you sign-up directly from the Spotify website, the only free option available is Spotify Open. But if you know someone with an invite, you can use it to sign up for Spotify Free giving you unlimited listening for the first six months:

Spotify Premium subscribers are allocated two Spotify Free invitations each and every month. If you’re on Premium, just login to the Spotify website then select Share Spotify from the menu. It’ll list all your accrued invitations (or “tokens“) which you can then share with anyone living in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France, Spain or The Netherlands.


Free Free Invites!

If you’re looking for a Spotify Free invitation, simply add your email address below and tell us your favorite album: the first ten to comment will each receive a Spotify Free invitation!

Alternatively, the guys over at ListenSpotify usually have monthly invite giveaways, but if you can’t wait they’re currently offering an invite to whoever adds the 500th shared playlist.