Psynews’ Best Psytrance & Psybient of the Noughties

Psychedelic trance forum Psynews recently ran a poll where they asked their 10,000+ users to vote for the best uptempo (psytrance) and best downtempo (psybient) albums on the noughties. Here are the albums that topped the poll, with Spotify links!


Top Uptempo Albums

For uptempo psytrance, the most-voted for album is Classical Mushroom, the second album from Israel's finest psytrancers Infected Mushroom. It was this album that got me into the Mushrooms, especially the tracks "Bust A Move" and "Dracul." They may have left their psy roots behind them, but Infected Mushroom remain the one of the the best (and certainly the most well-known) psytrance bands around.
Infected Mushroom - Classical Mushroom (YoYo 2000)
To Sirius (Blue Moon 2000)
Corolle (Suntrip 2005)
Sky Input (Suntrip 2004)
9th (Suntrip 2008)
Headcleaner (2000)
Crop Circles
Tetrahedron (DAT 2008)
Playground of Spirit (2009)
Tumult (Inpsyde 2005)


Top Downtempo Albums

Sphongle's second album Tales of the Inexpressible topped the Psynews poll for downtempo psy, and it's the album I think I would have voted for too. The fusion of electronic and real instruments has never worked better: Raja Ram's Eastern influence is the perfect foil to Simon Posford's psytrance chops. After ten years this album still sounds as fresh as ever, and is still probably the best thing they've ever done.
Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible (Twisted 2001)
Carbon Based Lifeforms
Hydroponic Garden (Ultimae 2003)
In Dub (Twisted 2002)
Efflorescence (Celestial Dragon 2006)
Carbon Based Lifeforms
World of Sleepers (Ultimae 2006)
Blumenkraft (Twisted 2003)
Solar Fields
Leaving Home (Ultimae 2005)
Solar Fields
Movements (Ultimae 2009)
In Search of a Meaningful Moment (2003)
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