Electrefy.me – Dance Music on Spotify

Electrefy.me is a new Spotify site for fans of electronic dance music.  Combining Spotify playlists with mixes and tracks from SoundCloud, Electrefy.me is a slickly designed site that specializes in house, techno, electro, dubstep and minimal. With new SoundCloud mixes and Spotify playlists added to the site every week, Electrefy.me is a great showcase for both professional and up-and-coming DJs and artists.

Site owner Andrée Larsson runs the site with two other passionate electronic music freaks from southern Sweden. I asked Andrée how the site came about:

We always get asked to recommend electronic music to people, so we took the matter into our own hands and created a website for it. Now anyone interested can visit our site and find loads of Spotify playlists mixed together with mixes and tracks from SoundCloud.

Team Electrefy.me have a bold manifesto to bring quality electronic music to Spotify users:

Our mission is to guide listeners through the vast jungle of electronic music. With the help of different music streaming services, we will hand pick music, then package it so anyone interested will be able to take part. With our knowledge and determination we hope to become the go-to place to find the latest and best in electronic music.

It’s a great looking site with a unique design and flair that makes it stand out amongst the crowd. For fans of  dance music on Spotify, Electrefy.me is an essential bookmark.