Another Ten Top Spotify Tips!

Following our recent post of Ten Top Spotify Tips, here’s another ten tips to help you get even more out of Spotify….




1. Display All Search Results

When you do a search in Spotify, it might seem that some of the results are missing (if say, you search then click to sort by artist or album name). Spotify only delivers about 60 results at a time, so press Page Down or keep on scrolling down to get all the search results loaded up. Now sort-by-album or artist etc. to find all those “missing” tracks. Some search results can be pretty long, so a mouse with a free-spinning scroll wheel might come in handy.


2. Browse in Spotify Service for Mac OS X

If you use Spotify on your Apple Mac, take advantage of a new hidden feature in Spotify: the Browse in Spotify Service for Mac OS X is a quick way to select some text on a webpage (like a band or album name) then search for the results in Spotify.


3. Get New Release Notifications

Sign up on SpNotify. Enter your favorite bands then get notification emails whenever they release something new on Spotify.


4. Don’t Lose Your Downloads!

If you purchase a large MP3 download bundle but don’t use all the downloads, remember to login to Spotify once every 30 days to buy at least one MP3 using your tokens. Otherwise, you could lose your downloads.


5. Check for Fully-Sequenced Albums

When purchasing tracks from the MP3 store, it’s always worth checking for a fully sequenced version of the album. Some albums (especially DJ-mixed compilations) have both the individual tracks as well as the complete mix in one track available on Spotify. Since the price of a track is the same for a 1 second song as it is for an 80 minute one, this is a way to get more listening hours for your buck (as well as avoiding the lack of gapless playback on Spotify)

Buy this whole Armin Van Buuren double-CD for £2.30!


6. Use Dividers to Help Manage Playlists on Spotify Mobile

Until folders are introduced into Spotify for all smartphones (lucky iPhone owners have this already!), create some empty “spacer” playlists to help break up the list and make finding your playlists a little easier. For example, create some genre spacers using the “-” character in the name to make them stand out. You don’t need to add any tracks to the dividers – simply organize your playlists to follow the spacer headings like this:


7. Send Playlists From Your Desktop to Your Phone

If you’re not allowed to use Spotify at your place of work but have it on your mobile, use Chrome to Phone or FoxToPhone to easily send Spotify pages from your dektop browser to your smartphone. They’ll open up in Spotify directly, saving you from looking like you’re texting friends while fiddling about with Spotify Mobile’s search function. Combine this with the Spotify Chrome Extension for extra awesomeness:


8. Listen With Friends

Can’t decide what to listen to? Let someone else DJ your Spotify for you! If you’re on, services like and alpha let you use Spotify to listen along to whatever a friend is currently playing. When your friend changes the song, your Spotify client automatically changes to the new song too. Couple this with a chat room for an instant digital rave!

9. Find Out How Many Songs Are on Spotify

Our New on Spotify page updates daily to tell you the current total number of tracks on Spotify.


10. View Spotify Staffer’s Social Pages

Want to check out the Spotify team’s own playlists? Just select Help > About then click on a Spotify staffer’s name to view their Spotify Social page.