New Blog Design: Pansentient League v4.0

This blog has grown quite a bit over the past couple of years, so I decided it was finally time to make a few changes and refresh the design. Pansentient League v4.0 is now skinned with a new WordPress theme called Freshlife from Theme Junkie. I liked the clean, fresh look of this theme and there are a heap of new under-the-hood features to hopefully make the blog more engaging and easier to navigate.

Here’s a quick tour of what’s new and what’s where:

  • At the top you’ll still find the popular NEW ON SPOTIFY and SPOTIFY RESOURCES pages. The MORE ON SPOTIFY page has had an update (if you’re new to Spotify, this is a great place to start!) and there’s now a dedicated page for my own SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS.
  • In the right-hand column of every page you’ll find buttons to jump to Pansentient League pages on Quora (the question-and-answer site where I sometimes contribute to Spotify questions), Twitter, Facebook and an email subscription service.
  • The right-hand column also features a new tabbed area with quick-links to the site’s most popular pages (Popular = posts with the most comments, Hot = most-viewed posts) and below that you’ll find the Spotify News Twitter stream (collecting tweets from the 20 best Spotify tweeters) and a Facebook widget.
  • Every post now uses the DISQUS comment system (thanks to everyone who helped me test it out!)
  • At the bottom you’ll find a wee bio and mugshot of Yours Truly, my recent tweets, and a peek into what books and music I’ve been enjoying recently.
  • Finally, bottom-right is a special area reserved for Friends of the League: a blogroll of websites run by friends and people whose dedication and passion I particularly admire.

I hope you like the changes – please let us know if you find any bugs, glitches, or have any suggestions!


A Few Site Stats

In the past four months this website has received:

  • Nearly 90,000 page views
  • Over 33,000 unique visitors, with an average time-on-site at just under two minutes
  • Visits increase of 30% compared to the same period last year
  • 41% of traffic came from Search Engines; 30% from Referring Sites
  • Nearly 44,000 visits came from 128 countries

Compared to the same period last year, traffic from the Netherlands is up 750% and from the USA by 84%


Thanks for visiting The Pansentient League!