Music Streaming Services: Who Has the Most Music? [updated]

Spotify now has more paid-for subscribers than any other music streaming service in the world – a fantastic achievement! But what about the catalog? Who’s most likely to have that forgotten B-side you suddenly have an inkling to hear? Whose archive is more likely to have that obscure indie band you always wanted to listen to again? Who has the most number of tracks to stream? Read on for a comparison of the music catalog sizes for the ten top music streaming services!


Spotify is the winner here: Spotify has a larger catalog than any other music streaming service in the world! They always said that their goal was to be able to stream “all the world’s music” and it looks like they’re the most-likely service to achieve this. Note though that Gracenote lists over 97 million songs in their database, so Spotify and the rest have only just started…


  • We did not include music jukeboxes (Last.fmPandora, We7, Slacker Radio etc.) since these are not on-demand services: unlike the streaming apps listed above, you can’t decide which songs to listen to. Incidentally though, Pandora has only 800,000 tracks as at March 2011.
  • We also did not include Grooveshark (suspect legality and no way to determine catalog size since users upload their own tracks), YouTube and of course iTunes as it offers purchase downloads only (here’s a post on Spotify vs. iCloud).
  • Catalog sizes quoted here were determined from the service’s own websites, wikipedia, and news reports from reputable sources. Spotify track count obtained from their Metadata API (the first number returned is the global total number of tracks).


Kyle Bylin syndicated this article on hypebot. Check it out as there are some interesting comments!

Chart last updated July 17, 2011.

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  • buschwusch

    hey jer, could you please list the differences between nl/uk/se/fi/no/es/fr that’d be superb!

  • SpotiDJ


  • Amir
  • Amir

    Oh wait, sorry, forgot that 7Digital wasn’t streaming, my bad 😛

  • LG

    Youtube has about a Gazillion – but don’t pay anyone for them.

  • Guillaume

    Deezer have reached 8 millions tracks in February.

  • Rakesh Patel

    Not sure where you got your numbers from, but Napster is closer to 14 million streamable tracks.

  • afront

    @LG – YouTube pays artists provided you listen to their music via one of the official label channels

    @Guillaume – Thanks, I see they’re now claiming “8 millions de titres”

    @Rakesh – according to, they claim “unlimited access to 10 million track” – where do you get the 14 million figure from?

  • Guillaume

    @afront You’re welcome. Great post and idea by the way.

    I know how it can be hard to get those numbers, as I already did it for the French market and made myself a couple of mistakes.

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  • Hab

    simfy has over 8 million tracks and operates in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

  • Miriam

    Hi! Could you tell me why I can’t see the page 20-33 on the “New music on Spotify”? Thanks in advance!

  • afront

    Thanks for pointing that out Miriam – now fixed!

  • rodinuk

    Would be interesting to see how The Hype Machine compares.

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  • Greyson Wong

    Napster have over 12 million tracks now.

  • DAB

    What about Slacker Radio?

  • Jer White

    This page is comparing on-demand music streaming services only. Slacker is a radio jukebox like, Pandora, We7 etc. so not included here.

  • shrimp3r

    We7 can certainly play stuff on demand, just like spotify.

  • Jer White

    Hmm I know We7 used to do that, but didn’t they change to a more Pandora-like radio model? See

  • Hab

    Simfy has now licensed over 13.5 million tracks as of July 23rd – only 11 million advertised at the moment, but an announcement is soon to come.

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  • Wt

    Indeed ,We7 is definitely an on demand service. They also have the jukebox radio facility, but their service is little different from Spotify or Napster.

  • Wt

    Not really. they have the radio style service, but We7 is still essentially on demand streaming.

  • Wt

    We7 isn’t just a radio jukebox, it’s also an on demand service.
    They offer three levels of service, very similar to Spotify, except it’s based on pure internet streaming in the browser and not a p2p network like Spotify.

    See here…

    They only claim 6.5 million tracks though (as of earlier this year, so that may be way out of date by now) , but that’s way behind Spotify and Napster.

  • Music

    Thanks for the nice post.

  • Zoë Gholson

    Zoë from MOG here.  We currently have over 14 million tracks.

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  • Michael Dannon

    7digital is not a radio streaMING SERVICE

  • joey

    I already did it for the French market and made myself a couple of mistakes.

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