Ten Top Spotify Tips!

Here are ten quick tips to help you get more out of Spotify…

1. Press Ctrl + F when listening to a playlist to display a filter option. Start typing into the filter box to narrow down the list of songs:


2. Press Ctrl + G when listening to a multi-artist playlist. The view changes to show the album art for each track (via @jburkunk and Dr. Sounds):


3. For tracks on Spotify that you also have on MP3, listen to the Spotify version: that way the artist gets paid a little every time (via @davidnield).

4. Use the label search to list all artists on a certain record label. For example, search for label:”out of line” (remember to include the quotes!)


5. Search for “remastered” to find old classics sounding better than ever (via @anderaus).

6. If you’re on Spotify Premium, remember to enable high bitrate for better quality audio. It’s in Edit > Preferences (or press Ctrl + P).

7. If you see a little chain link icon next to an album track, that means the track is not available on the album you selected, but Spotify has found it on another album:

8. Press Ctrl + A to select a bunch of songs, then drag and drop them into a Word document for an instant clickable backup. You can then copy-paste into a text file if you just want the track list.

9. To get the most out of your music, sign up for a Last.fm account and link it to Spotify (Edit > Preferences). Once you’ve listened to some music, you can use one of the many recommendation and new-release services (such as spofm.net) to discover new music.

10. Sign up for Spotify Premium or Spotify Unlimited!


You’ll find many more Spotify hints and tips throughout this blog, but let us know in the comments if you have any others! 

  • http://www.spotidj.com SpotiDJ

    May I add this to tip 8?

    Select all tracks using Ctrl+a -> right click -> copy Spotify URI -> paste in Word. This way the tracks start playing right away without opening a window in your browser every time.

    We use the same instant play system at http://www.spotidj.com

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  • http://www.spotifyclassical.com/ SpotifyClassical

    Wonder why Spotify still haven’t made “Ctrl + G” official.


  • http://blog.junegros.fr djiock

    Word… Processing of course ? ūüėČ
    Thanks for the tips !

  • http://www.last.fm/user/oldschoolsquare Allan Blackstock

    Some great tips I didn’t know about such as CTRL+G. Thank you Jer.

  • http://www.krakelin.com Dr. Sounds

    The CTRL+G trick was discovred by be and leaked on my blog in august 2010.

  • http://pansentient.com afront

    Thanks Alexander, I’d forgotten where I’d read about it! Post updated…

  • http://narcoguerrilla.blogspot.com ddaa

    A Spanish translation of this great article: Diez consejos para ser un experto en Spotify en RollingStone

  • http://pansentient.com afront

    Gracias por la notificación, ddaa!

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  • http://blogs.loughboroughecho.net/goaltastic Isaac

    ¬†Spotimy.co.uk lists all the new releases each Monday, that’s pretty handy.

  • http://blogs.loughboroughecho.net/goaltastic Isaac

    ¬†Spotimy.co.uk lists all the new releases each Monday, that’s pretty handy.

  • http://pansentient.com/ Jer White

    Spotimy is full of features, many of them unique Рas you say Isaac, well worth checking out! 

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  • Frankie

    On tip 6 what do to put it on ur ipad2

  • http://pansentient.com/ Jer White

    Sorry, I don’t have an iPad so can’t help you there. But if it’s like the Android app, there are options in the Settings area to set the stream and sync quality.

  • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.melbourne.9 Thomas Melbourne

    speaking of tips..dunno if you care about it but..if you don’t have a premium subsciption yet and don’t plan to get one but would still like to have some of the benefits that come with one..try audials tunebite. with this soft, you can record your spotify playlists, convert the files to several formats aaaand transfer them to your devices. pretty neat, right? anyway, if you’re interested, check out this link, there are some screenshots and some instructions on how to use it -> http://audials.com/en/how_to_rip_record_internet_radios/spotify.html

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