New on Spotify page: Please Vote for Feature Requests!

Our interactive NEW ON SPOTIFY page – which lists new release on Spotify and lets you search by genre – went live a couple on months ago and has since been viewed over 10,000 times. We’ve received some great feedback and suggestions for new features, so I thought I’d ask you what are your favourites. Please take a minute to vote on the suggestions below (pick up to 5), or add your own ideas in the comment box. Thanks!

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  • I would like to have a seperate page for the old version of the complete new releases page.

    Because Spotify still don’t tag all titles right, therefore some titles cannot be found through genre search. Like this one:


  • First I would love it if Spotify would stop resizing the column-width when I change from playlist to search-results. The User-column is about six times as wide as the artist-column.

    Second would be a tighter integration with my since it contains most stats about my music history: display how many times I’ve played an artist, directly import all of the recommendations.

    Third is a rework on the search functionality: limit results to to (for instance) three tracks per artist, display live the number of selected tracks (since there’s a limit of 10000 tracks per playlist), exclude|include tracks/artists based on playlists I’ve already created.

    Fourth is a warning if I try to add a track that’s already on the playlist, now I have to use Excel to indicate the duplicates.

  • Eeek: nevermind those are all improvements for Spotify,not the search on this website. I need to pay more attention when climbing on my soapbox.

  • Radian

    Spotify doesn’t appear to have any genres for most of the music I listen to. Younger Brother, OTT, Hallucinogen etc. have no Genre entry in their respective radio pages. This would seem to put a serious crimp in the usability of your “New On Spotify” facility for me.

  • No worries Alainn, always good to hear other user’s suggestions for Spotify improvements!

    Radian, the genre detail on the NEW ON SPOTIFY page is taken from, not Spotify. So, the psy bands you mention (all top sounds btw, I heartily approve of your taste!) will list the top 3 tags from e.g. for Younger Brother it would show: psytrance, ambient, psychedelic

  • Radian

    Fantastic afront! That makes your NEW ON SPOTIFY page extremely useful. Is there any way to cross-reference their entire back-catalogue with genres in this way I wonder? If only Spotify paid more attention to basic usability issues like this (as well as gapless playback)

  • Nysteve

    I would love for the me to add a comment column like in iTunes so I can make notes about the songs I’m listening to. I know this might make the DB load a bit heavier, but for the user, this would be gold!

  • Good idea, you mean in Spotify itself though right? If so, add this as a suggestion on their support forum ( )

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