Spotify vs. BitTorrent: Which Is Better?

For some people, the mind-shift from CD to digital MP3 is still too much to handle. They’re set in their ways and don’t want “none of that downloading.” For others, the impulse is to jump straight to a bit-torrent index site like The Pirate Bay, isoHunt or Demonoid for all their music needs. They’ve downloaded music for years – it’s free! it’s easy! – so why change now? Well, if you can put up with a few commercial breaks, the free version of Spotify gives you a whole heap of other advantages over bit-torrenting. Here’s how.
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Those were just a few of the advantages Spotify has over bit-torrenting for MP3s. We’ve not mentioned the whole “right thing to do” or “it gives something back to the artist” argument as these are down to your own personal morality as opposed to common sense. Please let us know your thoughts or additions in the comments!