All New Interactive “New On Spotify” Page

We are pleased to announce a completely new New On Spotify page, hosted here on The Pansentient League! The New On Spotify page lists new-release albums and singles added to Spotify over the last 7 days, all contained in an easy-to-search database. To use, select your country then search for a genre or artist, or simply browse using the Next Page button. Give it a go, or read on for more details.

The New On Spotify page is powered by the Spotify API and Search or browse through the list then click an album name or cover art to listen in Spotify.

The New On Spotify page starts by displaying 200 new releases in the UK from the most popular artists on Spotify. If you’re not in the UK, simply select your country from the list to set the default country:

Use the Next Page and Prev Page buttons to browse through the new release list. Each page shows 200 releases (the entire What’s New list usually has around 2,000 releases).

By default, the What’s New page is sorted by Popularity. Every artist in Spotify has a popularity number ranging from 0.00000 to 1.00000. The more an artist is played, the closer the number gets to 1.00000. To sort the list by artist name, click the Artist checkbox:

Every release on the What’s New page includes a list of genres. These are the top three genres tags for that artist according to You can filter the list based on genre as well as artist. Just enter a genre (such as rock, indie, jazz, classical etc.) then press return or click the Search button:

The page is updated to display all the new releases in that genre or releases from the artist specified:

At the end of the list, you can see how many results are currently displayed and how many new releases there are in total for today.You can also see when the database was last updated.


We hope you find this new New On Spotify webapp useful! Please let us know in the comments if you spot any bugs are have any feature requests.

  • Nice one! Very useful.


  • Andreas

    Genres finally, great man!!!

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  • kz

    Would be nice to have available genres in a drop-down list and/or clickable in the listing itself.

  • Great work…. Just hope that Spotify sort out their tags in future… Lots of Dubstep & Drum and Bass is just tagged as electronic or dance.

  • bb

    great work, now we need the sourcecode or a rss feed for the search results. 🙂

    there is no page with rss for new classical additions.

  • Thanks for the comments guys. kz/nyk: the genres are from, not Spotify: they’re the top 3 “tags” for the artist in question.

    bb, it’s true you can’t bookmark/subscribe to a particular genre feed here. Yet. 😉

  • Good job!

    Would it be possible to add “prev” and “next” buttons below the list as well? Now I have to scroll back up again and I’m a lazy guy. 😉

  • I have written a script backend for Spotify which allows people to script tasks to do on certin interval. It’s named “Spobbler” and will be released some time next year.
    It will be useful for playlist staff to auto-update playlists.

  • Robert Baldock

    The “New on Spotify” page is a great tool and I use it all the time.

    Could I put in a request for a minor tweak, though, which is to add the prev/next page buttons to the bottom of each page as well as having them at the top. At the moment, in order to change page I have to scroll back up to the top each time I want to change page.

    Another useful feature would be if you could sort results on other values, for example by label.

    Keep up the good work.


  • Thanks Robert. I did try adding the prev/next buttons at the bottom a wee while ago, but ended up totally messing up the page. Will have another go soon!

  • I just discovered this site. Great work!
    In regard to the “New on Spotify” page, the only thing that feels like it’s missing is a “date added” filter. I have a feeling it’s not in the Spotify API, though…
    Anyway, your site is awesome. 🙂

  • Thanks Dan, glad you like it! I thought of adding a “date added” field but they’re all at most only a few weeks old as the whole lists fills up with replacements every few days.

  • The New on Spotify page has a couple of minor changes: it now displays the total number of (global) tracks on Spotify, and I’ve added a “Jump to Top” link at the bottom of the list of releases.

  • Great list. Would it be possible to include the release date (year) of each record? 

  • I’d love to but unfortunately the Spotify API doesn’t supply the year (or the label). 

  • Bolkys

    I don’t get the artist search box. It only display’s genre

  • Yeah sorry about that: I disabled the Artist search for now as it was causing a few problems. You can still sort-by-artist though.

  • Corey Mitchell

    Just wanted to give you a heads-up that the search page has been non-existent for a few days. I use it all the time and am having withdrawal symptoms!

  • To follow up Corey’s comments, the new on Spotify page is not showing any results!

  • Nice but I would like to be able to search for singles only. A feature on spotify itself that tells me when artists whose music I already have releases something would be very very useful. As spotify knows what I have on my computer it should be possible to filter this.

  • Thanks Neil, yeah I’d love to be able to do that but it’s not provided by Spotify in the metadata that the “What’s New” page uses. So, there’s no way to know other than checking each new release manually.

  • Like Neil, I am trying to use the New on Spotify page for playlist-building. I’d like to be able to scan through all of the new adds in a week without having to filter for genre (which misses anything by artists who haven’t been tagged on yet). However, there seems to be a problem. I can’t go past page 40 (ordered by artist), and that’s only at M so it seems there might be more than 49 pages of results. Is this a problem that could be fixed?

  • I’d capped the list to 40 pages but will look to increase this. So yes, it can be fixed!

  • Making cute jokes in genres makes the search almost useless.

  • Not sure I know what you mean Rip – you realize the genres are just copied from, right?

  • I know that Tich – Candlelight EP has been released within the last week. And it’s in the top 200 or so on iTunes so how come it never shows up here no matter what I search for? I searched even for everything sorted by popularity and it wasn’t in the first 6 pages.

  • that’s only at M so it seems there might be more than 49 pages of results.

  • Is there any way to add another parameter to extend the search to, for example, latest 2/3/4 weeks?

  • nwpsys

    Looking at the dates of the other comments, I feel a bit late to the game. Been a Spotify user since the first batch of free accounts in the UK, but tend to dip in and out. Finding this “new on Spotify” really useful, but wonder how difficult it would be to add a sort by date added option ?

  • A month ago Spotify started in Italy. Is it possible to add that country at the database?

    Thanks, Marco

  • spoty

    Sort by date added is a MUST!

  • Sorting by genre does not seem to (fully) work for Italy. It works just fine for US

  • Eric Diepvens

    Great tool indeed.
    As a frequent user of it I only miss one thing: the use of Boolean operators.
    When I, for example, want to search on metal, but I don’t want the death metal entries, the use of AND, OR and NOT could help: entering “Metal NOT death” in the Genre field, would produce exacly the output I neeeded.

  • Freeone


  • kynky

    I still use this page once a week although now I use it on my chromebook is there a way to open the links in the webplayer rather than the desktop app.

  • Nice to hear from you again kynky – hope all’s well!

    Hmm, have you tried clicking the album image instead of the text link (or vice versa)? One is a URL link while the other is a URI link. They should behave slightly differently.

  • kynky

    I’m very good thanks. Clicking the image does work via the webplayer, that will come in very handy for curating playlists on the go.

    Are you aware of the Pacemaker app on the iPad. The first Spotify enabled DJ tool.

  • CoMiGa

    This application is super useful and I use it weekly to find new releases. I do have a request though. Would it be possible to add the release date as a search parameter along with showing it as a column? It would be very useful for me to see the date. Thanks for making such an useful utility.

  • Thanks CoMiGa. For the release date, last time I looked Spotify were still not supplying the date in the feed used by the What’s New page. It might be possible to code some comparison tables to work out the date an entry appears on the list (“was it there yesterday? If not, release date is today”) but I think that would be quite complex and unfortunately I’m not that good a programmer.

  • CoMiGa

    Jer, thanks for checking. I thought the release date was a known item.

  • Maybe it is now – I’ve not checked for a while…

  • joachimonisimo

    Why is there so few releases on the page, and only popular artists? When i used to search for indie i got over 100-200 songs, now i get bassile, lorde and one other song, please tell me this is a technical issue!

  • lynn swann

    This is great, but does anybody know why the album covers don’t show up for me? None of them will display. Thanks.

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