All New Interactive “New On Spotify” Page

We are pleased to announce a completely new New On Spotify page, hosted here on The Pansentient League! The New On Spotify page lists new-release albums and singles added to Spotify over the last 7 days, all contained in an easy-to-search database. To use, select your country then search for a genre or artist, or simply browse using the Next Page button. Give it a go, or read on for more details.

The New On Spotify page is powered by the Spotify API and Search or browse through the list then click an album name or cover art to listen in Spotify.

The New On Spotify page starts by displaying 200 new releases in the UK from the most popular artists on Spotify. If you’re not in the UK, simply select your country from the list to set the default country:

Use the Next Page and Prev Page buttons to browse through the new release list. Each page shows 200 releases (the entire What’s New list usually has around 2,000 releases).

By default, the What’s New page is sorted by Popularity. Every artist in Spotify has a popularity number ranging from 0.00000 to 1.00000. The more an artist is played, the closer the number gets to 1.00000. To sort the list by artist name, click the Artist checkbox:

Every release on the What’s New page includes a list of genres. These are the top three genres tags for that artist according to You can filter the list based on genre as well as artist. Just enter a genre (such as rock, indie, jazz, classical etc.) then press return or click the Search button:

The page is updated to display all the new releases in that genre or releases from the artist specified:

At the end of the list, you can see how many results are currently displayed and how many new releases there are in total for today.You can also see when the database was last updated.


We hope you find this new New On Spotify webapp useful! Please let us know in the comments if you spot any bugs are have any feature requests.