Spotify News on Twitter

Here are seven Twitter lists for you to follow if you’re interested in Spotify news, views, reviews and tips on new releases. Four new country-specific lists have been created especially for those who want the news in their native language.

Spotify (following 21 tweeters)

  • If you only follow one list stream this is the one. Featuring the elite of Spotify-related tweeters,  this list is the most-followed Spotify list in Twitterville. These power-users tweet the Spotify news (from Spotify itself and other sources) as well as links to reviews and commentary, hot playlists, new releases, competitions, and the odd bit of speculation too. The elite tweeters are:

@afront, @areyouspotified, @HotSpotify, @hotspotmusic, @ListenSpotify, @playlistify
@sharemyplaylist, @spotibot, @spotidj, @Spotify, @SpotifyLinks
@SpotifyPR, @Spotifyrocks, @Spotimy, @spotinews, @spotipartners
@spotiplay, @spotirama, @spotiseek, @spotisfaction, @spotmylist

spotify-auto (following 50 tweeters)

  • This list follows all the Spotify bots and automated tweet services such as @spotichart. It’s also a holding place for new or infrequent tweeters who update with Spotify-related tweets.

spotify-staff (following 17 tweeters)

  • For the inside story, follow this list of tweeters who work for Spotify. Many of their tweets have nothing to do with the service, but if you’re interested to hear about what some Spotify staffers get up to then this list groups them all into one handy place. The first follower of this list was naturally @eldsjal (Daniel Ek, Spotify CEO).

spotify-es (following 4 tweeters)

  • Una nueva lista internacional que sigue tweeters que escriben sobre Spotify en español.
spotify-nl (following 3 tweeters)
  • Een nieuwe internationale lijst die tweeters die schrijven over Spotify in het Nederlands volgt.
spotify-fr (following 2 tweeters)
  • Une nouvelle liste internationale qui suit tweeters qui écrivent sur spotify en français.
spotify-fi (following 1 tweeter)
  • Uusi kansainvälinen luettelo, joka seuraa diskanttielementit jotka kirjoittavat Spotify suomeksi.

Are there other tweeters you think should be included in one of these lists? Let us know in the comments!